Toronto to get Diversity Bollards!

Vehicle barriers to be installed at Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square

Toronto city council wants to hold more consultations before considering beefing up security measures at City Hall.

Council did, however, approve new vehicle mitigation measures for Nathan Phillips Square during its meeting on Friday.

Perimeter posts will be installed to help protect the public if a vehicle were to mount the curb and target a crowd of people.

I bet they leave a gap for electric vehicles.

  • Sharkibark

    Yet the country can’t put up a bit of chain link and razor wire to stop hundreds of people walking over the border. Instead they hire $100K+ a year RCMP officers to act as bell boys and put up a welcome tent.

  • Editor

    Trucks with defective steering systems? Trucks with drivers with really bad eyesight? Magical trucks that drive themselves? I guess we’ll never know because according to the Global news item ” Staff will determine what information can be made public from the documents.”

    • Racist trucks that deliberately target racialized drivers!

      • Observer

        The bollards need to have decorations added, to be photographed like that and have the photos posted on the internet to remind people why they are seen as necessary to protect the Toronto politicians.

        • JoKeR

          And that is the point. The bollards are more to protect the politicians arriving at City Hall than to protect the public.

          If the politicians had given a damned about the public, they never would have passed their sanctuary city policies in the first place, which have helped to necessitate the bollards.

        • John Boy

          How about gluing printed out ISIS flags to them using something like 3M Super 77 spray glue to remind people what those bollards are for? For rougher surfaces use 3M Super 90 glue which works great for plywood bonding.

    • Solo712

      Don’t forget “lone-wolf student drivers”!

  • Congratulations on becoming a truly multicultural city – something else to celebrate this Christmas, err, Winter Holiday. Inshallah!

    • We don’t have a Christmas, we have the Cavalcade of lights at City Hall.

      • Liberal Progressive

        Celebrating Christmas is Islamophobic!

  • I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict a world wide rise in backpack IEDs for 2018.

    • Editor

      Yes, but Security Theater is such an important part of the overall safety plan . . .

  • Gary

    So which group of people are they fearing that would run over people while welling allu a akbar .

    John Tory made the City a sanctuary City where the 300,000+ illegals are growing thanks to Justin.
    So much for the people in the USA cl;aiming that illegals make a city safer and richer.

    • John Tory is a virtue signaling idiot.

    • Ottawa Eyes

      Where “refugee claimants” and recent Muslim immigrants go to the head of the lineup for publicly funded or subsidized care homes, seniors homes and public housing ahead of Canadians most of whom have been on the waiting lists more than a decade.

      That’s what the City of Toronto motto of “Equity, diversity and inclusion” really means.

      • Marvin

        That is why they use “equity” and not “equality”.

        This discrimination against the citizens it is supposed to represent, is enshrined by and justified by the City of Toronto in the declaration that Toronto is a “sanctuary city”, that is that it will provide tax payer paid for services to those who are knowingly breaking the most basic laws of the country they have become illegal occupants of, and that employees of the City will not inform federal officials about these law breakers.

      • Jayme

        Ottawa is no better a report that came out this week over 3000 on a waiting list for long term care and well over 10,000 for social housing.

        • Observer

          Over 100,000 in Toronto, yet refugees and new immigrants go to the head of the lineup ahead of those already on the list.

  • Watchman

    “Perimeter posts will be installed to help protect the public if a vehicle were to mount the curb and target a crowd of people.”

    Just like that, autonomous vehicles just happening to mount curbs all on their own, or maybe just in case the steering breaks and a car goes out of control. It’s fascinating to see them deliberately avoiding naming the reason why a car might drive into a crowd of people shopping just before Christmas.

    If they could blame it on the Far-Right Wing Extremists they would, but I guess they might be content with blaming ‘Conservative Muslim, Radicalised Online’ to divert the basic cause behind almost every case: islam. This way they can paint all Conservatives with the same brush they use to blame devout followers of islam by calling them Conservative too.

    • Them vehicles is becoming radicalized on the internet but their Ideology has nothing to do with Motoring!

      • Watchman

        Is this part of the current debate on deadly robots and drones under certain levels of AI autonomy?

    • Because that happens every time someone lights up a Christmas tree in public.

  • mauser 98

    ambulance , fire truck issues?

  • mauser 98

    Welcome to the Hell Hole that is Brussels

  • El Martyachi ✓ᴴᵉˡᶦᶜᵒᵖᵗᵉʳᶦˢᵗ

    That drab grey has gotta go.. make way for a bollard rainbow!

  • JJ Hunsecker

    Pillars of Islam.

  • Watchman

    At the linked page there is another suggested article (slightly off topic):
    “‘This is not what Canada’s known for’: Immigrant family set to be deported pleads for reprieve”

    Situation: Sri Lankan family resisting deportation, after being in Canada for the last five years and the war in Sri Lanka over for the last couple of years.

    “Their 21-year-old daughter Leony is an exemplary student.. she’s hoping to one day become a doctor.”
    Sri Lanka might need doctors in the future: does Canada have the right to strip mine underdeveloped countries of their intellectuals in the same way heavy criticism is made of advanced countries strip mining mineral resources from these same underdeveloped countries? Is there such a dearth of good students in Canada that requires this strip mining of Sri Lankan intellectuals?

    “The family says they have applied for refugee status but their application has been denied.” Yes, this is quite possible, if you don’t qualify under the United Nations 1950 determination of what a refugee is.

    “Their father, Robert, says he worked for the United Nations in Sri Lanka.” and he said, “I really don’t want to get arrested in the airport,”. I really don’t think that Sri Lanka was at war with the United Nations (though maybe it should have been), and so I can’t see why his government would arrest him at the airport. Sounds a very strange claim.

    “Their lawyer, Stéphane Handfield, says the family recently received a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ), an immigration document given to them by the province that shows Quebec wants them to stay.” This logic would mean that if you apply for and receive a Canadian passport, it show that the Canadian Government wants you to leave Canada. If you apply for a duck hunting licence the state wants you to kill ducks, and if you apply for house insurance the state wants your house to burn down.

    “However, Global News has learned from senior government sources that the prime minister has had his staff provide considerable support to the family, but they say, at the end of the day, there is a process in place to adjudicate these matters and a decision has been rendered.” I guess Turdeau is too busy for a photo op at this time.

  • Dana Garcia

    I’m hoping that “bollard” gets named as a top word of 2017 by Merriam-Webster.

    “Surreal” was the top word for 2016:

  • tom_billesley

    Would concrete barriers STOP a terror truck attack? Researchers shocked by test results
    Researchers have carried out tests on the effectiveness of concrete barriers to protect against terrorist truck attacks – and found them to be close to useless.

    Researchers drove a 10-tonne truck into the barriers at 30mph and found the 2.5 tonne concrete blocks were simply pushed aside by the power of the vehicle, which only came to a halt when it hit a wall.

    Tester Marcus Gärtner said: “It does not matter whether the truck hits the barriers diagonally or frontally: the anti-terrorist barriers were pushed like billiard balls in both cases and the impact was relatively low.”

    • Dave

      A 10-tonne truck loaded with explosives doesn’t need to get real close to do a lot of damage.

  • Because bollards protect people from stabbings AND one can pretend that they have nothing to do with Islamism.

    Yes, completely …

  • JoKeR

    When David Miller was the mayor the city had a contest that paid the winner for a Toronto theme song.

    Why not have a Toronto don’t drive into us song? Sort of the opposite of

  • Achmed

    Soon the only voting blocks that will matter in Toronto will be the Chinese and the Muslim people.

    You kafur should sell your houses now while you still can because in a couple of years you will be lucky if we offer you half of what you can get now.