Rex Murphy: Endless sex scandals expose hypocrisy of Hollywood and media industry

As the perverts of Hollywood and news industry tumble daily and ever deeper into the pit of sexual scandal, it’s getting difficult to keep count

  • Gary

    The CBC is officially useless and needs to have the funding cut off so these parasites can try to get jobs in the real World where they can’t get away with beating up women or raping them .
    They loved Obama when he did drugs in the past , they loved him when he wanted Israel’s new capital to be Jerusalem, plus they love him attacking the rich to pay more in taxes while he wanted to remove illegals and Fine Companies that hire them.
    But today…the CBC is going crazy over Trump following up on Obama’s tough borders and removing illegals and that he offended millions of muslims over the israel stance .
    Obama got a $75 Million book deal and bought his 4th MANSION for $8.2 million that is 8500 sq ft while a Neighbour told the media that a Wall is being built around the mansion for the safety of his wife and daughters.

    The CBC is also going after Roy Moore but they refuse to report that Moore wasn’t a Republican until 1993. His sexcapades were as a Democrat which means that Bill Clinton and he could have been rapist buddies .
    Let’s not forget that Jean Chretien and Paul Martin OWN the Omar Khadr issue and the $10.5 million Hug-a-Thug reward from Justin’s Millions .

  • Shebel

    Is it any wonder that the Youth and Children in today’s Society are so bewildered , depressed , clueless and just generally fucked -up ?
    Who can blame them ?
    What the hell are they supposed to believe in and whom the fuck can they TRUST?
    All these Celebrity Icons , in Hollywood , Media and even the Church are going down in ‘Flames’ as they preach one message—but–Live another.
    These ” Pious Perverts”–have been indoctrinating us and our Children for decades.
    It about Time that you assholes get some ‘payback’ for your soul-less persecution and indoctrination of our Kids.
    YOU have been EXPOSED !!!