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Sarah Silverman Feels Scared By Sight Of American Flag

It’s probably easier to make a list of things that don’t trigger the left. Now that Trump is President their world has come to an end and almost everything causes anxiety with these fragile resisters. Comedian (so she says) Sarah Silverman can’t look at an American flag without popping a handful of Xanax. According to her, it’s because she’s Jewish and the American flag represents Nazism or something. It’s kind of amazing how this was not the case when Obama was president.

Washington State Next to Offer ‘No Gender’ Birth Certificates

A proposed change in the state of Washington will allow parents to choose the non-binary gender classification of “X” for their children and officially add it to new birth certificates.

The law already states that anyone born in the state can petition to change their birth certificates to their preferred gender du jour. Children can also make the change with “consent of their parents and with a doctor’s note,” according to KUOW.

If approved, the change would happen as early as next year. So far, about 1,000 comments have poured in to the state department of health with messages for and against the radical measure.

Douglas Todd: Is it OK to ask, ‘Where are you from?’

A seemingly innocuous question has become contentious.

“Where are you from?” has turned into a multicultural minefield. What some used to consider a basic curiosity has become politicized.

Activists and a number of scholars have added “Where are you from?” to the list of phrases they judge as “micro-aggressions,” which they define as inadvertent slights that can do lasting psychological damage.

Muslim Students at Catholic University Complain Christmas Gets Too Much Attention

A 19-year-old Muslim student and a prayer coordinator for the terror-tied Muslim Student Association, Sajid Ahmed, said he likes the Christmas decorations around campus, but “wishes Muslim holidays were just as prominent.”

The entire campus is invited to a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, while Muslim students must celebrate in private without seeing the campus transformed into a Middle Eastern wonderland, the complaint continues.

Canadian media organizations grapple with requests to ‘unpublish’ articles

The relief Martin Streete felt the day he walked out of court a free man erodes with every click of Google’s search button.

Every time he researches his name, he’s confronted with a 2011 headline announcing criminal charges he never had to face in court.

  • Ho Hum

    Sarah Silverman said: “I had a very visceral reaction [to the US flag] & my rabbi sister said, “nationalism is innately terrifying for Jews–flags, marching, blind allegiance.” I wonder is Silverman is similarly triggered by the Israeli flag?

    • canminuteman

      As a Jew, she can get up and leave any time she wants and there is another country that will automatically welcome her with open arms. For the rest of us, leaving is a bit harder.

      • Watchman

        “there is another country that will automatically welcome her with open arms.”
        Saudi Arabia? /sarc

    • Yeshua ha Nazri was a Jew. He was a Jew long before Sarah Silverman was a Jew, and unlike Silverman he was actually a practicing Jew. And Unlike Silverman he was actually born in the ancient land of the Jews. And unlike Silverman he was a Jew who actually spoke the Semitic languages spoken by Jews — Hebrew and Aramaic. So in other words Silverman whose “Jewishness” is defined purely along bloodlines as if being a Jew were some sort of “race” (Jews are not in fact a race), wants to kill somebody who was actually a Jew in every respect, and by every definition. Sounds to me like Silverman is more like an anti-Semite, not a Jew.

      Now if Silverman were to call Yeshua ha Nazri a Jewish “cult leader” or a Jewish “heretic”, as a Christian I could live with that — because technically she would be right, at least from the point of view of the orthodox Judaism practiced at the time. But does Silverman even practice orthodox Judaism? No. Nothing about her reflects Judaism apart from her bloodlines.

      She also seems completely ignorant of the ideology that was the greatest existential threat to Jews in their entire history — Nazism — she doesn’t even know what Nazism is/was. Since when is “Flags, marching, blind allegiance” the definition of the ideology of the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany? Notice she didn’t even mention anti-Semitism and/or the right of Jews to build a Nation on their ancestral territory: Israel.

      (full disclosure I’m not in fact Jewish, and a neophyte in understanding things Jewish, so feel free to discuss, criticize, etc. — I can take the heat. But I do understand Anthropology)

  • canminuteman

    Re gender on birth certificates. In batshit crazy “gender theory” gender is not the same as sex. This didn’t start to be an issue until people started to use the word gender as a synonym for sex. So we have one group of progressives pushing the word gender as a synonym for sex for whatever reason and another group saying that they are not the same thing. If there were still rational people around, this proposal would immediately be thrown out the window with the simple fact that birth certificates don’t “assign gender”, they record sex, and regardless of what you think the “gender” of your child is, 99.999 percent of the time its sex is plainly visible to everyone.

    • Watchman

      “Basically, it’s not correct that there is such a thing as biological sex.” – Nicholas Matte, Lecturer, Transgender Studies at the University of Toronto.

      I would suggest that being a History Professor does not qualify him to speak authoritatively on objective factual scientific issues in biology or medicine. It’s such a common academic conceit that a PhD in one field entitles you to claim unchallengeable knowledge of other fields as if you held a PhD in every field of knowledge. Especially humanities graduates expressing opinions as fact in STEM fields. I think it follows from their belief that there are no objective facts anywhere and everything is just a differing narrative because in the arts and humanities fields it might be true.

      • Yes, it’s true and there is no such thing as gravity either, and the earth is not round, and the sky is not blue, and water is not wet. Stones are not hard, pillows are not soft, eyes are not for seeing, and noses are not for smelling.

        The man is a freakin genius — very impressive that Steve Paikin and TVO are inviting today’s “Einsteins” on the show. Glad to see them raise the intellectual caliber like that with the most moronic faggot dipshits in human history appearing on the show.

        Next on Steve Paikin’s The Agenda: A woman who escaped from a local mental institution who was abducted by aliens and actually went to live with them for six months on the planet Palitiopacumpdubobble.

        Paikin has become an idiot — anybody who would actually interview these people on an educational program as if what they had to say should be taken seriously, is a complete moron. Invite me on your show Paikin, and I will call you a moron to your face, and I will scientifically prove to the entire audience that both you and TVO follow “The Agenda” of morons — the tin-foil-hat Liberal Party of Ontario/Canada.

      • Uncommunist

        I’ve met more than one PhD on campus that is knowledgeable in their specific field and literally clueless in all others.

        • Watchman

          I’ve got 15+ years working in a University in both STEM and liberal arts fields and agree with you. I’ve come to conclude that intelligence isn’t the most important characteristic that will secure a PhD: it is perseverance and focus. Getting a PhD is more of a indicator of an exclusion of every other aspect of life and learning to concentrate on their PhD topic. As the old saying goes, as you move up from Bachelors, Masters and finally PhD you learn more and more about less and less until you finally know everything about nothing at all.

  • Thomas Henderson

    “Where are you from?” is only a micro-aggression for people who are rootless.

    Leftists want everyone to be rootless: interchangeable minions who are submissive to the whims and fancies of political masters.

    Deep roots, on the other hand, prevent us from being blown over by the windbags in our midst.

    Current waves of immigrants in this country have little connection with the culture and civilization that built it. This is deliberate. With no roots here, they are pliant to their benefactors. Meanwhile, those who have been here for generations must be either browbeaten or swamped into submission. It is a power play by people who are brainwashed by post-modernist idiocy.

    Tired of the macro-aggression by control freaks who are bothered by your micro-aggression. Ask people this season, where are you from? Then be sure to wish them a most Merry and Blessed Christmas as you say good-bye.

    • When I travel abroad, EVERYBODY asks me where I’m from. It’s a way of striking up a conversation with a stranger. And sometimes you get invited home to dinner, and meet the wife, the kids, and grampa and granma. When are responsible Psychiatrists finally going to become responsible citizens and tell the truth to the public: that “Social Justice” is a mental disorder.

  • Uncommunist

    Feminism by cops :

    ‘Streete said he was arrested in 2011 after an alleged sexual assault in Regina, because he matched the description provided by the complainant. Less than a year later, the charges against him were stayed and the matter was dropped.

    But local newspaper reports of the initial arrest

    cost Streete his job and, he said,

    continue to limit his employment prospects years later …2017.

    Buddy go for a swim in the river …no one in feminized Canada cares about injustice. Feminism, hell ya ! (vomit)

    • Frances

      An honourable paper would have updated the original story – that’s how it should be done. And with the correction in caps right under the original headline.

      • Uncommunist

        Has never happened in the history of ideological feminist witch hunts, that I’m aware of – goes against the leftist narrative; males bad, females good.

  • Frances

    What’s Trudeau doing, asking Santa for something nice under the tree?