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Sarah Silverman Feels Scared By Sight Of American Flag

It’s probably easier to make a list of things that don’t trigger the left. Now that Trump is President their world has come to an end and almost everything causes anxiety with these fragile resisters. Comedian (so she says) Sarah Silverman can’t look at an American flag without popping a handful of Xanax. According to her, it’s because she’s Jewish and the American flag represents Nazism or something. It’s kind of amazing how this was not the case when Obama was president.

Washington State Next to Offer ‘No Gender’ Birth Certificates

A proposed change in the state of Washington will allow parents to choose the non-binary gender classification of “X” for their children and officially add it to new birth certificates.

The law already states that anyone born in the state can petition to change their birth certificates to their preferred gender du jour. Children can also make the change with “consent of their parents and with a doctor’s note,” according to KUOW.

If approved, the change would happen as early as next year. So far, about 1,000 comments have poured in to the state department of health with messages for and against the radical measure.

Douglas Todd: Is it OK to ask, ‘Where are you from?’

A seemingly innocuous question has become contentious.

“Where are you from?” has turned into a multicultural minefield. What some used to consider a basic curiosity has become politicized.

Activists and a number of scholars have added “Where are you from?” to the list of phrases they judge as “micro-aggressions,” which they define as inadvertent slights that can do lasting psychological damage.

Muslim Students at Catholic University Complain Christmas Gets Too Much Attention

A 19-year-old Muslim student and a prayer coordinator for the terror-tied Muslim Student Association, Sajid Ahmed, said he likes the Christmas decorations around campus, but “wishes Muslim holidays were just as prominent.”

The entire campus is invited to a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, while Muslim students must celebrate in private without seeing the campus transformed into a Middle Eastern wonderland, the complaint continues.

Canadian media organizations grapple with requests to ‘unpublish’ articles

The relief Martin Streete felt the day he walked out of court a free man erodes with every click of Google’s search button.

Every time he researches his name, he’s confronted with a 2011 headline announcing criminal charges he never had to face in court.