CNN error extends run of journalistic mishaps

CNN was forced to correct a key error in a story about the Trump campaign and access to hacked Democratic National Committee emails on Friday, extending a run of high-profile media mistakes.

In an “exclusive” story posted to its website Friday morning — and discussed on air throughout the day — CNN initially reported that then candidate Donald Trump, his son Donald Trump, Jr. and other Trump campaign figures received an email on Sept. 4, 2016, offering a website and decryption key for the hacked WikiLeaks documents. That date was incorrect, though: CNN was later forced to correct it to Sept. 14, after a Washington Post report said the email had been sent then.

The timing is crucial because WikiLeaks released a trove of stolen DNC emails on Sept. 13. The error was the difference between the Trump campaign having advance access to the DNC emails — a potential scandal — and the campaign having access to emails already available publicly.