British Hindus Object to Muslim Centre in Non-Muslim Area

Thousands of residents of a largely Hindu area of Leicester have objected to a proposed Muslim prayer room and education centre.

Real Estate Jihad.

  • ontario john

    Thought you were talking about Toronto there for a minute. Diversity is our strength!!

  • Tooth&Claw

    That’s exactly what it is. Real Estate Jihad.

  • I have never heard of a Hindu who had a good word to say about Islam.

    • jayme

      How many Hindus have religion of peace enthusiasts slaughtered over the centuries? Millions, perhaps? I know the number dwarfs that of any other group that has had the misfortune of making their (muslims’) association.

    • Watchman

      The origin of the name “Hindu Kush” (‘Hindu Killer’) is a legacy for the millions of dead Hindus killed after the muslim drive into India. As multitheists the Hindus were given none of the minuscule protections that the Christians and Jews were afforded and thus treated even worse than them.

    • Alain

      For very valid reasons and a very long experience.

  • canminuteman

    So now the hindus and muslims are now fighting over the carcass. Leicester has been a dump for 50 years. It must be just like Pakistan now.

    • Hktony

      Hindus waited too long to complain. They may need to return to india for safety in the end.

  • tom_billesley

    Abduction and forced marriage, just like in India?

  • This wouldn’t be a problem if people agreed to acclimatise.

  • bob e

    This is almost funny ..

  • Alain

    This is how Muslim conquerers behave. They will seek out a predominantly Christian, Jewish or Hindu neighbourhood to build a gigantic building such as a mosque, or whatever to make their domination clear to all while instilling fear in the non Muslims in the area.