American Afghanis fined for relieving suffering of Icelandic lamb

Googling pictures of cute lambs to remind myself why I don’t eat lamb, I came across this story from July and ran it through Google Translate.

I also avoid pork.

Foreign tourists who went on Breiðdalsvík last night began to chase a lamb and cut it on their neck when they reached it. The tourists, nine men, (Gentlemen, have any of you even gone on holiday with eight of your male buddies, leaving the gals at home? Just curious. – Ed) said they intended to relieve the lamb’s suffering, but one of them was both charged and fined for the act.
Björgvin Gunnarsson, a farmer at Núpi in Berufirði, was in a food shop in Breiðdalsvík last night when he received a call from his daughter that foreigners were chasing lambs south of Breiðdalsvík, not far from Kleifaréttur. His uncle and other daughter began to investigate the matter. “Then the game had arrived there towards Breiðdalsvík and had the lamb of there by the sea and on which it flows to the sea. Then they called us over to Breiðdalsvík and the policeman who is a temporary worker, and we went to a closer look and there was only a lamb in a rubbish bag inside a big mobile home they were wearing and cut it on the neck, “says Björgvin.

Hreinn Pétursson, a farmer at Ósi, says the men were badly speaking in English. (Terrific. They can barely speak English. How did America get so lucky? – Ed.) He has counted nine people, most of whom said they were from Afghanistan but residing in the United States. Björgvin says they respected the policeman even though he was unharmed, but before he came to the place, someone else had been on the cube. “They started lying and did not want to acknowledge anything. They were just taking pictures, but when they began to thrive more, they began to relieve the suffering of the Lamb. But they did not want to recognize it immediately. They just had to take pictures and something. ”

According to information from the eastern police, the sheep were taken to the police station at Fáskrúðsfjörður, where one of them killed the lamb was fined by 120 thousand krónur, then he had already paid the farmer the damage by about 20 thousand krónur. He was also charged with violations of the Animal Welfare Act and property damage. Björgvin says that the lamb was in the range of 10-12 kilograms. “It was untrue to see the lamb cut on the neck in a black rubbish bag and the knife under the bag. It’s all unhappy with this, “says Björgvin Gunnarsson, a farmer at Núpi in Berufirði. (Emphases mine.)


  • bob e

    BM ..never been on vacation with nine of my buddies .. jeeze

    • Never been on a vacation with any of my buddies, period. Always with family and kids.

      Now that I’m single again and kids are grown up, I vacation alone — which usually means a long-distance bicycle trip.

  • simus1

    Probably all in the “Import Business” throughout the US and thought a trip to Iceland would be a safer venue for discrete discussions about suppliers and pricing.

  • Yea, it was a great idea to import Islam.

  • John Boy

    Why do leftists in western democracies insist on importing barbarians who hate democracies and have an open disregard for our civil laws?

    First they slay our livestock, and next in line will be us if we don’t arm ourselves and stand our ground.

    • ‘Björgvin says they respected the policeman even though he was unharmed’

      It occurrs to me they would have been highly unlikely to accord any such respect to a policewoman, unharmed (unarmed?) or otherwise.

      • JoKeR

        If it was a policewoman, they all would have likely wanted to give her an injection of their culture.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Breiðdalsvík is in Iceland, the 29th most sacred location in Islam.
    Four of my buddies when I was 19 and that was WAY TOO MUCH for even my 19-year-old self to take.
    Nice to see you again ‘Mamba!

  • JoKeR

    Shouldn’t that read “Afghanis and Americans-of-convenience”, also commonly known as Muslim invaders?

  • DaninVan

    What’s mine is mine…and now I’m coming for YOUR sh*t .
    ‘Cause sheep run wild in Afghanistan, nobody owns them dontcha know?
    “It’s part of my culture, slaughtering lambs whenever I see them!”
    But not little piggies; no, no, no…
    (I’m guessing if they tried that stunt in the US, Texas say, they’d all be in the ER or the morgue. What’s the current penalty for rustling?)

    • In Afghanistan you’d probably have your own throat cut for stealing a lamb. But they know the infidels are weak.

      • Alain

        Indeed far safer to abduct a girl or young woman than another’s livestock.

        • JoKeR

          Because they value the livestock as being worth much more.

          • Alain


    • Watchman

      As anyone who has been in these kinds of countries knows, there is no such thing as an an unowned animal wandering around. Untethered birds might be the only exception. Killing and taking away any animal found is theft, and possibly should be dealt with in the traditional Afghan way: amputation of their right hands so they are forced to eat with the same fingers they use to wipe their butts with.

      • DaninVan

        I was being sarcastic. But yes, maybe not amputation, some serious butt hurt penalties though.
        (Mucking out a hog sty…while the hogs are still in it.).

        • Watchman

          I was being sarcastic too – nine hands removed is neither a proportional nor reasonable penalty for the theft of one lamb. It was more of a comment that these men knew what they were doing would be wrong by Afghani standards and yet they still did it and lied about it.

  • felis gracilis

    The Viking forebears of these Icelanders would have handled this situation quite differently. It would have been the Afghans who would have been “relieved of their suffering”.
    We in the West need to rediscover some of our inner Viking.

  • Hard Little Machine

    To be fair you have to be a little bit amazed that Iceland hasn’t outlawed eating meat.

    • Liberal Progressive

      They can’t. Such a law would be seen as being homophobic.

  • I like lamb, but my first choice is goat. Problem is I can never find chèvre, so I usually go with New Zealand/Australian lamb as a substitute.

    Fyi, goat (chèvre) is delicious if you’ve never tried it — it’s from the deer family, so if you like deer but not especially fond of the wild “gamey” taste, then domesticated goat is the answer. With naturally-marbled fat that cooks up better and more tender than anything else, imo.

    • ntt1

      Try T&T in Vancouver I have seen stewing goat there. Any Persian Butcher on the North Shore will carry it goat is related to lamb but goat is just a tougher animal and fits most Arabic sizes of lingerie . check your Australian/NZ lamb labels if it has a mosque and squiggles on the label then you just paid jizya, Nestor’s has started carrying nonjihadi supporting lamb now its western family.brand I believe

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops