Algerians angry at France over ‘traitors’

A recent comment made on Twitter by France’s President Emmanuel Macron has angered many Algerians on social media.

During an official visit to Algeria this week, President Macron touched on a topic which is sensitive for many in the country which fought a bitter war of independence against France.

“Coming to terms with our past means finding a way forward for those who were born in Algeria to be able to return, whatever their background,” he wrote in a tweet.

It has been understood as an appeal to the Algerian authorities to allow the return of two groups, known as Harkis and Pieds Noirs.

  • k1962

    The Arabs are angry again? What else is new?

  • Watchman

    Why bother sending back the Harki and Pieds Noir, because France is soon going to be a province of Algeria soon anyway? They should just be working on their excuses for being in France: Hijra (theologically sanctioned emigration to non-muslim countries) in the pursuit of preparing the parent land of France for eventual takeover and imposition of Shari’a law.

  • Alain

    I have known a good number of Pied Noir and none would ever consider returning. In fact most of them chose to leave France and would not return there either. Macron is about as silly and incompetent as Trudeau.