Trump Derangement Syndrome: MSM serves up more Fake News

CNN Botches Major ‘Bombshell’ Alleging Contacts Between Don Jr. And WikiLeaks

CNN misreported key details of an offer made to Donald Trump Jr. last year of a batch of stolen Wikileaks documents.

The story, which CNN published on Friday and covered extensively on TV, was touted as the first evidence that the Trump campaign was given a heads-up about documents stolen from Democrats.

But the story appears to have been riddled with errors, while also lacking key context.

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  • Norman_In_New_York

    As long as we have laws requiring truth in lending and truth in packaging, we need a law requiring truth in reporting.

    • Hard Little Machine

      We sort of do. At least if you believe that the media should still adhere to the ethics they themselves peddle as the justifications for why they exist at all. Unfortunately public figures in America don’t legally have much in the way of protection against libel or worse. That was decided by the courts a long time ago. But no, there’s nothing to protect the public from lies or ‘fake news’ unless it’s an ad purporting to sell something and the ad is a lie. The only weapon that consumers of the news has is to not buy it, not consume it. One thing President Trump can do is routinely revoke their access to the White House, their membership in the White House press corps and generally, any access to any agency or department in the government w/o prior approval. I’d like to see the White House yank the creds for ABC news and CNN, for 60 days. No access, no interviews, no on-air spokespeople. Nothing. Radio silence. The news can then run endless commercials with apples and bananas since they make it all up anyway.

  • Hard Little Machine

    They are called lies, not mistakes. Lies.

  • mauser 98
  • CoolTolerance

    CNN’s power lies in its global access. Every country carries CNN and this is why many foreigners dislike Trump and the Americans. From CNN, it goes on to their national news and then their regional news. CNN is very dangerous.
    The power of a dishonest media is quite disturbing.