Still Blind After All These Years

The real lesson of Trump’s retweet of Britain First videos.

President Trump last week retweeted some videos posted by England’s Britain First party, and the usual suspects fell all over themselves condemning the president in an orgy of mass virtue-signaling. The usual question-begging epithets flew thick and fast: “racist,” “fascist,” “hateful,” “bigotry,” Islamophobic,” “extremist,” “far-right,” all the dull clichés trotted out to mask the chronic appeasement of Islamic jihad on the part of bipartisan internationalists.

The uproar over Trump’s actions confirms that the willful blindness of most Western leaders over the reality of Islamic violence continues to weaken our response to the jihadist threat.

  • Shebel

    It not exactly like Trump drew a picture of the Peaceful Prophet.
    This would definitely be a reason for Muslims to start KILLING.

  • Shebel

    A pic of a bearded pig smashing a statue of the Virgin Mary—-
    Is only upsetting because the bearded pig is a Muslim-
    and HE got caught in the Act.
    Not to worry Muslims—
    We already KNOW that you HATE us.

  • Ho Hum

    There is an interesting background story to the video of the Muslim smashing the Virgin Mary as revealed by “Syrian Girl”

    • Shebel

      how convenient—-

  • Gary

    Media keeps calling this the Trump’s 3 Anti-muslims video from a white supremacy group.

    Okay, so the muslims tossing gays off the high roof and the muslims smashing sacred statues to Catholics is now islamophobia ?????