• My God, that is insane. England is mad.

    • Clink9

      Maybe they’re secret double agents leaving the PM unprotected while wasting time with Tommy.

      • simus1

        More likely leaving muslim pimps getting underage girls addicted to crack unwatched. The nearest plod looks like he is well suited to his assignment.

    • In Canada they use undercovers. But you learn to recognize them after a while, and they always have the same mo — bait and entrapment. Over the years I’ve honed my skills to turn it into a “bait and switch”. Drives them crazy because they have to be careful not to get out of character (learned it when dealing with communist secret police abroad).

      • Same vehicles all the time as well.

        • Never noticed the mode of transport before, usually a “surprise” encounter. Maybe depends on the kind of agency you’re dealing with. But thanks good to know.

    • NoBamaYoMama

      They have gone Bat-Schitte Dhimmi Loco!

  • mauser 98

    Khan , Corbyn , May collusion……betchya a buck

  • barryjr

    If there was any doubt we now know who runs the British police.

  • Mark DeFord Eletion

    Since the cops are going to be there for a while, Tommy should try to put them to work running errands for him.

  • Didn’t someone attempt to assassinate Theresa May? Wouldn’t it be better to expend resources on that?

    • canminuteman

      No, let them assasinate May.

    • Clink9

      That’s crazy talk.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Britain is insane. Sanity could be STARVED into activation if we IGNORED Britain, spent NONE of our money there or on its products etc. There are a few sane Britons left, and they are already queued up to emigrate. Britain needs to be starved sane or left to the Islamist hordes. There is no alternative anymore.

  • Lightstream

    You may as well call England a communist country as that’s what the communists would do. Geez, you’d think he was a muslim terrorist. I forgot, they love Islam over there.

  • bargogx1

    From the top, as we’ve always known.