Geneva bans burkini and topless bathing in city’s swimming pools

Geneva authorities on Tuesday voted in favour of a new rule defining the attire people may use to swim in the city’s pools after a long-running argument.

Under the new definition, swimmers must wear a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit which comes down no lower than knee level, keeps arms bare and is not a “swim skirt or dress”, reported La Tribune de Genève.

The definition effectively bans swimmers from wearing a burkini or bathing topless, which had both been allowed under a previous rule that only came into effect in September.

  • Daninvan

    Well this should be amusing: “On Tuesday city authorities voted by 41 to 30 in favour of a new
    definition for swimwear that effectively outlawed the burkini and
    topless bathing.”
    Expect some complaint about some GUY in a Speedo any second now! 🙂

    “He’s not wearing a top, why do I have to?”

  • HalcyonDaze

    After having been to numerous topless beaches in countries populated by old, out of shape European tourists, I’d say that both of these supposed “swimsuits” have a good chance of creating the desire in a normal male to gouge their eyes out with a spork..