Come See The Liberal Party On Full Display: Hands Off Jerusalem rally planned for Saturday in Toronto

Toronto Palestine organizations plan to protest outside the U.S. Embassy on Saturday over the American declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

On Wednesday, U.S. President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and said he would relocate the U.S. Embassy there.

Since then, violent protests have erupted in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

  • simus1

    There is no US embassy on University Ave. Perhaps the writer is referring to the
    US Consulate. Embassies are found only in a nation’s capital – at least in peacetime.

    • In addition to being obviously ironic, it means the protest is stupid — Consulates are often staffed by the host country because their main purpose is visa processing, tourism and business. Even Consular Generals are often the Nationality of the host if the countries are on an especially friendly basis. In other words they’re probably going to be protesting Canadians.

  • Observer

    Hands off Jerusalem, it’s a Muslim city.
    Hands off Tel Aviv, it’s a Muslim city.
    Hands off Berlin, it’s a Muslim city.
    Hands off Paris, it’s a Muslim city.
    Hands off London, it’s a Muslim city.
    Hands off Sydney, it’s a Muslim city.
    Hands off Toronto, it’s a Muslim city.

    • John Boy

      Thanks to Trump, nobody better say that about Washington DC!

    • Dave

      Sure is looking that way.

  • robins111

    And the reasons for the protests, it’s Friday

  • Cat-astrophe

    Says: Since then, violent “protests” have erupted…
    Should read: Since then, violent “Photo Op’s” have erupted…
    They will not become spontaneous ‘protests’ till the photo op’s get enough air time.

    • Justin St.Denis


  • robins111

    And the Pali’s have declared Jihad, for the 8,472 time against the west… Don’t worry Habibi, we figured it out ourselves

  • If Jews were to respond in kind and engage in the same historical revisionism, then they would organize a protest at the the Saudi Embassy: “Hands off Mecca — Mecca belongs to Israel!

    • Observer

      Until Mohammed’s murderous rampage, Medina had been a peaceful town of Jews and polytheists.

  • Liberal Progressive

    We should go along with their demands, otherwise cars might be set on fire and there might be riots.

    • Observer

      It doesn’t matter. Every time you give in to their demands they demand even more; It’s their way of taking over and imposing their sharia “law” on everybody.

      Once they get to about 6-10% of the population there will be regular vehicle fires and riots anyways to intimidate the “nonbelievers”. It does not matter what concessions you make, that only encourages them to be more coercive.

      It happened in Lebanon and it happening in France and Sweden.

      It is how their hijra takeovers have been done for fourteen centuries, when they didn’t outright invade and murder the populations.

    • Observer
  • Gary

    Let’s get a good look at the crowd for the Jew-hating muslims to compare to the Anti-ISIS rally where only just over 20 muslims came out to denounce terrorism in islams name.

    Next year I’d like to see John Tory get away with his narrative that islam means peace and that Diversity is out strength. He and Wynne never did condemn that jew-hating mosque near City Hall or the Dawah booth on Yonge st handing our books on ‘ How to beat your wife ‘ which wasn’t a Guide to Chess .
    How sad that the fear of muslims going jihad to bomb our transit system , when they get offended if you deny it’s a religion of peace , makes them keep up the charade where the 300,000+ muslims in the GTA are all peaceful no matter how many more Mosques they demand the TDSB schools.

    The Old Canada is dead and so is the Toronto of the 1960’s while Ontario is one Election away from confirming the morons are in charge because of all the FREE stuff from Liberals.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Watching the flag of Islam rise over Ottawa will be pretty amusing.

  • Muslims don’t own Jerusalem.

    • John Boy

      They want to own everything created by the sweat of someone else.