Canadian vets have ‘significantly higher risk’ of suicide than general public: federal study

Canadian veterans are at “significantly higher risk” of death by suicide than the general public, according to a first of its kind federal study that found young male veterans, and female veterans overall, are at the highest risk.

  • ontario john

    I’m waiting for Super Sock’s Disability Minister, to state that getting rid of white men will make room for transgender, black, muslim, women in wheel chairs, that Trudeau wants to recruit.

    • The country of Belize could probably successfuly invade Canada. Seriously, I’ve seen those cool British Harriers on their runways, and I think their Air Force might be larger than ours.

  • dogwonder

    I’m not surprised, my husband is a retired veteran that recently asked for a re-assessment of his disability. The sent him a forty page report to be filled out by a doctor, we don’t have a doctor nor could we find one that was willing to be paid to fill out the forty pages. After months of seeking a doctor to fill out the report we sent it off to the VA, he was assessed at having lost 30 percent use of one leg. Well long story short the VA sent us a notice telling us they denied his 30 percent claim and will keep him at the 15 percent mark. So we appealed, the guy who’s suppose to be working for us on the appeal also works for VA. HE informs us that Veteran affairs has their own chart that details what they think your disability level is, so why did they put us through months of work finding a doctor only to tell us his opinion was immaterial? Long story short they have a website that you can go to that tells you what your loss of ability is worth, it’s a real eye opener IN short unless he loses both legs they deem him not disabled. Seriously it’s all smoke and mirrors, they send you paper work they think you can’t get filled out and if you do they laugh at the forty page report and send you a link to their website that dehumanizes those that fought and served and became disabled. No wonder they commit suicide, the entire process is so dehumanizing and degrading and you feel like they’re laughing at you as you try and fill out the tomes of paper work they make you do- for no purpose other than to make it look like they care.

    • This is intolerable.

      Years of back-breaking service for nothing?

      Riots might fix this.