Britain is now one of the WORST nations on earth for acid attacks, claims senior police officer who calls for on-street testing of liquids

Suffolk Assistant Chief Constable Rachel Kearton wants new legislation to criminalise the carrying of corrosive substances, similar to laws for carrying knives.

Next week they’ll have to outlaw stones.

  • Thomas Henderson

    Real men provide and protect. These barbarians take and harm.

    Toxic masculinity is effeminacy. We should be outraged when the state insists we act like pansies and we no longer are able to beat the sh!t out of those who brutalize our women and children.

    Justice demands the harshest penalties for them who hide the beauty of women and disfigure the beauty of ours. Instead the investigators may charge the brutes with assault in a soft criminal system while our men are sent to sensitivity training should they protest.

    The world has been turned upside down. Once men were expected to answer the call to arms and defend the peace. Now only to submit.

    • Martin B

      Very well said.

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s simply part of the panoply of getting the benefit of living amidst the diversity of one of the world’s most wonderful places. Get used to it and buy a solid clear face mask.

  • Blacksmith

    Always treating the symptoms, never the disease.

  • mauser 98
    • Jabberwokk

      “A Swedish woman was gang raped, orally, anally and vaginally by 20 men in no-go zone Fittja.

      The attack took place in an apartment staircase. At one point the
      positioned the woman so that she was sodomized and raped in the throat
      at the same time.

      After the attack, when the woman asked
      passersby for help, they told her she “was disgusting” and left her on
      the ground with sperm in her face.

      Several men who are migrants have been in the Swedish court for the attack.

      Today they have been set free, and they are now expected to be found not guilty of the attack.

      There is no doubt that the men did the attack, but the reason they are
      expected to be found not guilty is because the attackers claim the rape
      was a payment for a drug deal that the woman could not afford to pay

      Therefore it is OK then according to the Swedish court.

      This is Sweden in 2017. Where is the feminist outrage? The silence is speaking volumes.
      These kind of things do not happen in a first world country. This is
      another sign that Sweden is turning into a 3rd world country”

      Good God….

      • mauser 98

        PeterSweden got a ton of this stuff

  • mauser 98
  • Jabberwokk

    import Mumbai get Mumbai.

  • Gary

    The BBC keeps having the debate shows where they find muslims to stack the crowd as they drag in the usual Taqiyyah master Imams that repeat how muslims have nothing to do with islam.

  • ed


  • dds100

    Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for everyone IS White Genocide.
    Its a crime, not a policy option.
    Already A Stranger In Your Own Country: