Christmas markets without armed police are now a thing of the past

Diversity Bollards – Will they ever be taken away? Why did our political class inflict their cause on society?

I love the Christmas season, so friendly and wholesome and filled with evocative memories – but don’t the machine guns and anti-terror bollards seem to go up earlier each year? Look at the touching festive scenes in Manchesterand Edinburghand we’ll see the police and barriers across the country from Liverpool to LincolnIt’s not quite Bedford Falls is it?

I’ve noticed these ‘diversity bollards’ popping up everywhere, without a word spoken about it; a few weeks ago I spotted them at Hyde Park Corner opposite the Duke of Wellington’s house. How would one explain that to Old Nosey? Well, Britain has nuclear warheads that could literally obliterate any country that threatened us, but we now have medieval style walls within our city to stop threats from religious extremists. No, not those kind, it’s a long story.

Does anyone in a position of power believe this is going to get better and these security measures will ever be taken down? If not, perhaps they should explain to us why, how they led us down this route, and what they intend to do about it.

  • Starlord

    On next year’s list
    Diversity netting
    To cover you event from drones.

    • Good idea.

    • Exile1981

      Don’t forget cell phone jammers to prevent remote detonating explosives. How will millenials cope with no service?

  • Christmas markets don’t have to have armed guards. Just arm the merchants.

    • jayme

      We all know what the eventual (probably in a decade or so) “solution” will be: close down all Christmas markets. As the percentage of religion of peace enthusiasts increases in society, it’s an inevitability.

      • Will Quest

        I remember & miss the days when Islam did not blight our consciousness.

      • These thugs are a convenient wedge in this inevitability.

  • JoKeR
  • Here is a novel solution: find the cause of the problem and eliminate it.

  • Frances

    How soon will it be until Christmas markets are also a thing of the past?

  • Smith Person

    somebody said: we will never change our way of life due to Islamic terrorism. Who said that, I forget ?????