London Calling

“…For sure, there are still people going around in the central areas self-expressing, but London has shrunk as a city. Too many of its areas and boroughs have been taken over by religious bigots and Third World tribes. Let me be perfectly clear. I am a fan of cultures, no matter how barbaric. I think every culture has the right to survive, but not all cultures belong on the same piece of land. What’s happening in London just now will end up in a land grab and a divide. If you have so many people wanting to live under sharia law and so many Muslim mayors and MPs, as we currently do, then the country can only look forward to a divided future. The East End of London (Shadwell, Stepney Green, Whitechapel, all the way out to Bromley by Bow) looks like Bangladesh meets Pakistan. If you head northwest, you will think you are in first Turkey and then Somalia. The self expression, the autonomy of movement, sexuality, and dress are disappearing fast and are being replaced with religious and tribal garb.”

  • ntt1

    so sad , I spent the early 70s there and loved it. what a great town to be a youngster in. It has fallen to progressive death wish. and they have succeeded.

  • WildWelshWoman

    I lived the first 23 years of my life in the UK and when things started turning sour in the late 80’s I made the decision to emigrate to Canada. Now, when I look at what British politicians have allowed to happen in my beloved homeland it makes me so disheartened, especially when I see that Jihadi Justin is taking Canada down the same path.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    This article is good but the comments section for it over at Jihad Watch is great.

  • Jay Harper

    “I am a fan of cultures, no matter how barbaric.” Idiots like this and their cultural relativism are the cause of all this.