JDL Presents Pamela Geller with Ezra Levant – Dec 18

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  • Mark O’Realius

    Really? The last time Pamela Geller was supposed to speak here…she never showed…and there wasn’t even an announcement on the door of the venue. I even had to orchestrate the refund on my own. No thanks. I’ll read her articles.

    • Where was that?

      • Mark O’Realius

        The Sephardic Kehilla Centre. Bathurst and Steeles. Thornhill. I believe it was 2015.

        • I know there was a change of venue after York Regional Police leaned on the Rabbi and threatened his Chaplaincy. However she did appear at the new site, I was there.

          • Mark O’Realius

            Well…it`s the first I`m hearing of that. I had my tickets in hand. How the eff was I supposed to know the venue had changed? And when I finally got through to JDL for a refund…they never mentioned that the venue had changed.

    • pamelageller

      Mark, I was there. Where were you?


      • Mark O’Realius

        It was 2014 or 15. The Kehilla Centre in Thornhill Ontario. Look. I’m not making this up and I’m not blaming you. It might have had to do with our communist government.

        • John Boy

          Or it might have had to do with a local Muslim police officer talking to the venue to have the event cancelled at the last minute, if my memory serves me.

          • Mark O’Realius

            I think I heard something like that too.

          • That was the case.

          • Mark O’Realius

            Finally. Mystery solved.

          • Liberal Progressive

            We have to abide by sharia law in a Muslim country like Canada.

          • Probably the same T.O. Muslim officer who practically carried out a “fatwah” on Tarek Fatah.

  • WHEE!

    • It will be fun.

      • Like a tag team of snark.

      • David Murrell

        Yes, but will the Trudeau government allow Ms. Geller into the country? She is, after all, a Jewish blogger who opposes anti-Semistism and Islamic terrorism.

        • Blind Druid

          She could put on gumboots and cross the border into Quebec with the other 100 daily invaders from the U.S. side. She should say she has no documents and that she is seventeen years old — go on welfare and wait for her Canadian passport in the next day’s mail. Problem solved.

  • PaulW

    Awesome – two people I greatly admire and both of whom are good speakers. I’ll be there!

  • David_Martin

    The only thing that could make the event better would be the addition of Robert Spencer!