Franken quits amid sexual misconduct allegations

WASHINGTON — Minnesota Sen. Al Franken is resigning amid multiple sexual misconduct allegations.

Once a rising star in the Democratic Party, Franken made the announcement in a speech Thursday on the Senate floor.

The two-term lawmaker has repeatedly apologized as several women stepped forward to accuse him of sexually inappropriate behavior, from groping to forcibly trying to kiss them.

But a fresh allegation on Wednesday unleashed a torrent of Democratic demands that Franken step aside. Female senators led the chorus.

  • mauser 98

    he started by trashing Trump and Moore

    ‘White women in Alabama have made up their minds about Roy Moore’
    ….translation …racist , rebel flag waving rednecks

    • He is a piece of work.

      • mauser 98

        alleged comedian

        • Watchman

          Every time he met someone conservative and told them he’d been elected a US senator, that person started shaking their head and laughing hysterically. I guess it must have been the way he said it.

  • JoKeR
    • Yo Mama

      He kan always go bak tu SNL an sqeeze titties dair.

      • robins111

        Pretty sure there’s a few Dems to fill his top spot as greasy pervert, yet to be outed.

  • Dana Garcia

    Now the Dems can go full bash against Roy Moore and President Trump.

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    Why did it take so long?

  • Yaacov ben Moshe

    He didn’t actually quit! Read the statement. “In the coming weeks I will resign…” he is waiting to see what happens in Alabama. He thinks he will have an out our there will be a public outcry to get him to stay. Or maybe he is just waiting for us to fall asleep so he can grab our tits.

    • Good point.

    • Dana Garcia

      Exactly. If he’s going to resign, then do it now.

      He hopes to hang on somehow, maybe by bashing Moore if he wins.

      • Watchman

        I thought the US had a little divorce from Britain over the issue of hereditary rulers – although I confess that the Bush dynasty was not a good example of this principle. At least they didn’t allow Jeb Bush last year to pick up the crown and sceptre as the US citizens latest Bush Dynasty lord and master.

    • Watchman

      A month from now, if the MSM bothers to ask what happened with his resignation, he will probably say, “I did resign: I resigned myself to accepting that the allegations against me might have been true. What more can I do? Would you want to punish the people that elected me so that I couldn’t represent them and do great things on their behalf? Don’t you want to support democracy as exemplified by me still being here as a senator?”

  • andycanuck

    I’ll believe it in the two weeks (after Alabama) when he’s literally left.

  • Uncommunist
  • John

    Oh…the Franken ‘furter!

  • Smell ya later, Al.

  • ontario john

    Interesting resignation. He rants against Moore and Trump, and basically says his accusers are not telling the truth. But the media thinks he is wonderful.

  • Hard Little Machine

    He can replace Trevor Noah on The Daily Show.

    • Yo Mama

      Onlyz if he identifies as a transgender person of color!

      Neither of dem are funny.

  • ntt1

    watch very carefully ,he is being very liberal in his speech with enough wriggle-room to turn a semi. he looks to a bleak future double billing with kathy griffin unless Roy Moore is elected ,then he rescinds his planned resignation in a storm of false moral; outrage and continues groping the unwary and making stupid points in discussions

  • Brett McS

    The Dems will finally get rid of all their molesters and perverts and then they can go after Trump! The two or three that are left will be able to, anyway.