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Racist attack on SkyTrain reportedly leaves young Muslim woman shaken

Abdul Fádel, the young woman’s brother, described the incident in a December 5 Facebook post.

“On Monday December 4, 2017 around 10 pm the man in the photos not only physically attacked someone who is very close to me, but also racially profiled her and attempted to remove her hijab (headscarf) with force,” he wrote there. “He was screaming vulgar and disturbing racial slurs at a young lady who innocently had her headphones in minding her own business after a long day of work.”

Fádel notes that he was not present for the incident and that the police were called and are now investigating.

Canada should pay Syrian migrants to go home

German Chancellor Angela Merkel invited two million unassimilable Muslim migrants into her country, now it appears she’s realizing the harm her policies have inflicted. Trudeau similarly rushed 40,000 poorly-vetted Syrian migrants into Canada, after two years 90% of these migrants remain unemployed.

These migrants are on welfare, they’re backing up food banks, and one even beat his wife with a hockey stick for half an hour. If Trudeau followed Merkel’s lead Canada could be safer and reinvest in our food banks, hospitals, and veterans.

Islamism in the Heart of France

On October 25, 2017, the highest French administrative court, the Council of State (Conseil d’État), ordered the removal of a Roman Catholic cross from the top of a monument dedicated to Pope John Paul II in a public square in Ploërmel, Britanny. According to the France’s highest administrative court, this cross was said to violate the secular nature of the State. Not the statue of the ex-pope John Paul II by itself; just the cross above it.

Social media, in France and abroad — especially in Poland where John Paul II was born — flew into an immediate uproar: How could the government of a country considered the “eldest daughter of the Catholic church” ask for the removal of a Catholic cross in a tiny village that nobody even knew about before this incident?

Brandon University students alarmed by ‘horrifying’ posters, stickers promoting white supremacy

A number of students at Brandon University say they’re concerned after stickers and posters promoting white supremacy started appearing on and around the southwestern Manitoba university’s campus.

Jenna English, a third-year student at Brandon University, said she’s taken down four posters promoting European Brotherhood, which include nationalistic slogans such as “pro border, pro nation” and “join the resistance.”

Arizona Citizens Tracked In Facial Recognition Database In First Step For ‘REAL ID’ Implementation

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) already has publicly boasted about the success with more than 100 cases it has taken to court for fraud using the technology, which has been in place since early 2015.

But the use of the system to prevent identity theft isn’t what people are worried about; the problem is the lack of oversight in government programs that allows anyone with access to look into the database. As such, state-run facial recognition databases are dangerous and can lead down a slippery slope to allow other operations the technology wasn’t intended for.

‘Trauma-informed’ daycare for refugee children among new child-care projects

A new daycare that incorporates trauma counselling for immigrant and refugee children in Victoria is among projects that will receive a share of $33 million in funding for new licensed child care spaces in British Columbia.

The Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society’s planned daycare for 28 infants and children, in partnership with Family Services of Victoria, is among the projects eligible for provincial funding to create 948 new child-care spaces in Victoria and Vancouver Island communities stretching from Ucluelet to Campbell River.

Lawyer for man charged with terrorism-related offences condemns RCMP ‘tunnel vision’

The defence lawyer for El Mahdi Jamali is condemning what he calls “tunnel vision” on the part of RCMP officers who put together the case against his client.

Jamali, 20, and Sabrine Djermane, 21, were arrested in 2015 and charged in relation to what the Crown has argued were preparations to go to Syria to fight with ISIS.