Canada will not move its embassy to Jerusalem, says Chrystia Freeland

Ottawa has no intention of following Washington’s example in officially recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the Canadian embassy there from Tel Aviv, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said Wednesday.

  • Ed

    If the US picked a red popsicle, Canada would pick a green one.

    • Alain

      That is true, but there is an additional factor at work here: the Liberals’ hatred of Jews and thus Israel. With this silly act they put into practise what you mention along with this.

      • Indeed.

        As Stephane Dion said, Canada is not Israel’s “special friend” anymore.

        But, then again, the Liberals never did like the Jews.

        (SEE: 1939)

        • DVult

          Special friend is what child molesters tell their victims they are. May they all be hung from the nearest lamppost.

          • Okay, I was talking about Stephane Dion and his odious comments.

          • DVult

            Right, special friends like the Liberals I can do without also.

          • Who knows about their “special friends”?

          • Tweety58

            Hey say what you will about Joe Clark but he wanted to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol DECADES AGO in 1979.

          • AND after he told Pierre Trudeau to keep his fool mouth shut about the Americans in Tehran, he challenged Clark in the House of Commons anyway, putting the Americans at risk.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Move it to Nicosia, Cyprus then

  • Denis

    hopefully Israel will not see any canadian diplomats unless they come to Jerusalem head office!

  • deplorabledave

    Canada don’t amount to jack squat in this business idiot.

  • Observer

    I suspect the secret Canadian policy on Israel, that Omar Alghabra, Gerald Butts and Chrystia Freeland have come up with but won’t openly discuss would likely be called “Israel ohne Juden”.

    • JoKeR

      Well you can’t blame them after the Ayatollah Khamenei promised Justine that he would be the permanent Sheik of Canada as a vassal state of the Islamic Worldwide Caliphate plus get oil money for the Trudeau Foundation. 🙂

      • JJ Hunsecker

        Sheik Justine will make Canada the Vaseline state of the Islamic Worldwide Caliphate.

  • General P. Malaise

    her grandfather approved this message

    • JoKeR

      As her grandfather used to say, “the journey of a thousand miles, starts with just one goose step.” 🙂

  • ontario john

    Don’t question her about it or she will cry. Crying seems to be a liberal party thing.

  • Yaacov ben Moshe

    I posted this at the RC web site and since I doubt it will get through “moderation”, here it is with a couple of grammar and spelling corrections:

    The ironically named Freeland is denying reality. Actually, the status of Jerusalem was “settled” in 1968 when, after Israel (threatened by overwhelming numerical odds in the “67 war!) utterly smashed the corrupt Arab armies and took possession of the holiest sites of Jews and Christians They (some would say, foolishly) offered all captured territories back to both Jordan and Egypt. Both Arab/Islamic regimes refused to take any territory back because they did not want give the appearance of ending the conflict. Israel took custody of Jerusalem, The West Bank, Sinai and Gaza thereby providing all people in those areas the best standard of living in the entire Middle East. Jerusalem has always been the emotional, intellectual and spiritual capitol of the Jewish world, even in diaspora. Now that Jews have possessed it, it is quite legitimately, the political capitol of our country. This has not been in question since 1968 and the fact that cowardly politicians who pander to Islamist rage will not deal with it is the real obstacle to achieving peace.

    • Waffle

      Heads are exploding because Trump refuses to play the “Let’s Pretend” game. There has been no peace process — Oslo was an abject failure — but perhaps now, there might be a chance of one.

    • Watchman

      “Settled”? Re-settled is more like it after 1948 when Jordan went on an ethnic cleansing of East Jerusalem and confiscating Jewish-owned property on the territory it controlled. After resounding victory in the 1967 Six Day War, East Jerusalem ethically fell under the control of the state of Israel. Jews who owned property in this previously Jordanian-military occupied land, armed with proof of their ownership, have been taking the occupiers of their property to court to get them evicted. A lot of the claimed ‘ethnic cleansing of muslims’ in East Jerusalem is the legal removal of muslims illegally given or sold land and buildings confiscated by the Jordanians after 1948. A lot of the so-called ‘ethnic cleansing of muslims’ from other places is the legal removal of recent muslim squatters who have no rights to occupy nor build on in these places.

  • Seerightthere!

    The Canadians will have a long walk to visit our New Embassy then.

  • Yes it will. As soon as we finish busting Justin’s balls, and kick the LPC back to third-party status where it belongs, Canada will follow suit. The U.S. and Russia — the two most powerful countries in the world — both recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. After we kick out the anti-Semitic Liberal Party of Canada, Canada will follow suit under a legitimate Government that recognizes Israel’s National Sovereignty in accordance with International Law and Convention.

    • Clink9

      Archaeology is hard!

    • Watchman

      The muslims claim that every historical figure in Judaism was muslim, and all the people were muslim back to Adam and claim that the Jews somehow changed their religion away from islam to make the Jewish faith. Therefore they justify that they must be allowed to retake and own every location as the true inheritors of the original religion in the land and demand that the Jews be excluded and even not recognised as the original monotheistic religion in the area.

      • Well I suppose if Muhammad invented a time machine, they would be absolutely correct!

  • WalterBannon

    Muslim convert Trudeau hates Jews

  • Reader

    The Koran does not mention Jerusalem.

    Mohammad never visited Jerusalem in his life.

    Islam has no place in Jerusalem other than as a conqueror, which is what the Al-Aqsa mosque commemorates and why it was built on top of the ruins of the Second Temple.

    Raze the Al-Aqsa mosque as Jordan did to 33 of 34 synagogues when they conquered the eastern half of Jerusalem in 1949 and end all Muslim claims to the city. They will make the claims anyways just as they still do of Spain.

    • JJ Hunsecker

      Are you trying to say that Mohammad didn’t visit Jerusalem on a flying horse? Islamophobe!

      • ontario john

        Wasn’t enough small boys there to rape at the time.

      • Watchman

        Well, the muslims keep trying to tell us that Jerusalem is a holy place since their prophet Muhammad supposedly launched himself from the Temple Mount to heaven then back to Medina/Mecca on a flying horse overnight.

        Their proof is that they Jerusalem is supposed to be this place because all of this fanciful launching was supposed to have taken at ‘The Furtherest Mosque” and they claim that Jerusalem had this mosque on the Temple Mount.

        The main and obvious fault is that at the time Muhammad was supposed to be flying, Jerusalem had no mosques. Only the area around Mecca and Medina had mosques, and this didn’t include Jerusalem.

        If you point this out to muslims, they will claim that prior to Muhammad’s islam, the Jews were actually practicing muslims (later corrupted) and so the reference to ‘The Furtherest Mosque’ refers to the Jewish synagogue on the Temple Mount, even though at this time of Muhammad there wasn’t even a synagogue there. In addition, even if they were right about the Jews actually being early muslims (they were not), ‘The Furtherest Mosque” would not have been Jerusalem since there were synagogues far more distant at that time.

        Reason and evidence have never been an islamic strength.

        • JoKeR

          How dare you say reason isn’t an Islamic strength.

          Here is the story of Islamic logic and it will explain everything!

        • Tony Costa

          And the story comes 2 centuries after Muhammad

      • Tony Costa

        I thought it was Perseus who flew there!

      • Flying horse? That’s ridiculous!

        It was more like a space craft.

        • Yo Mama

          Dont make fun of Mo.

          He heard deez thinz direct frum da angel Gabriel after smoking da magic mushrooms.

  • JJ Hunsecker

    There’s not many votes from “New Canadians™” in moving the embassy.

  • favill

    Canada is the spoiled teenager who is protected by a much older, stronger big brother and much like that spoiled teenager…Canada thinks that what it says carries any weight in the “neighbourhood” (international affairs)…it also thinks the adults in the neighbourhood think of it (Canada) as their equal. What it (Canada) doesn’t realize is the “adults” (countries/foreign “actors”) who side with it or flatter its stance on certain issues, are those who would do harm to its protector. For example, what Canada under Trudeau II leadership has allowed to happen is house a large potential jihad army within its borders which is literally walking distance to the US border, in what was once proudly proclaimed as “the longest undefended border in the world.” You will see comparatively very little terrorist acts in Canada (we are the equivalent of Laos during the Vietnam War)–but we may be hearing on the news that terrorist acts committed in the USA in the coming months/years will all have appended to it “jihadist/terrorist who travelled from Canada”.

    • robins111

      If that happens, I hope Trump invades and captures every lib/left politician, puts them on trial for war crimes and hangs them.

      • Clink9

        Instead of giving them $10.5 million?


      • favill

        Why don’t we, Canadians, do that? Is it because the English “founding” stock were the losers of the Revolutionary War and it is inconceivable to go against the government? Or is it because the French-speaking half of Canada’s founding stock are the descendants of the original losers the French.

        • DVult

          The British (English, Irish and Scottish) founding stock were here before the Loyalist newcomers.

          • favill

            Lest you forget…The English were the colonists that settled what was the original Thirteen Colonies…many of whose descendants became what we know today as the UEL.

          • DVult

            I learned that in grade two. What I was saying is that there were British settlers in Canada prior to the arrival of the Loyalists.

  • irishrus

    Could anyone act more like a Lenin and a Proletariat than Justless and the liberals?
    Turdeaus always did admire and kiss commie ass.. maybe crazy ma was the normal one?

  • Jay Harper

    Why do we even have an embassy then? Diplomats are supposed to be, you know, diplomatic. Refusing to recognize the capital of the Nation you have an embassy in is absurd. But then again, our government is absurd, isn’t it?

  • Tony Costa

    Justin would not want to offend his buddies. He would say you were being Islamophobic for even raising the issue!

  • DVult

    There will never be a negotiated settlement with the “Palestinians”. If there is to be a settlement then it has to be imposed so negotiate with Saudi Arabia and Egypt then force it on them. Whatever is done do not let them have control of any Christian Holy sites including Bethlehem. The Israelis are reasonable and friendly, the Palestinians will destroy what they hate.

  • Morticiaa

    Is she a vegan or vegetarian?
    Justin gets more like his mother every day?
    When will our multiculti elected members declare
    .Without any motions or legislation Canada a friend
    And trading partner with Hezbollah and Hamas ?

  • It’s not just cowardice. It’s pandering to an Islamist base.

    • Liberal Progressive

      You take that back now, or else I am going to call the Young Liberals on you so they send the local Sharia patrol to visit you!

  • Gary

    Her grandfather was linked to the Nazi party but didn’t reveal that when he entered canada post WW2 .
    But hey, Trudeau has a jew-hating islamic supremacist MP from Iran that committed Citizenship fraud by claiming she fled Afghanistan by donkey and camel to board a Plane for Montreal as a refugee born in Afghanistan .

    Justin’s dad defended the nazi’s in the 1930’s…..why would his moron son care about Canada and women’s rights.

  • WildWelshWoman

    That’s because the Liberal Party of Canada is comprised of a bunch of spineless, limp-wristed, hapless, feckless morons!

  • Oracle9

    Liberals not supporting Trump’s plan? Then how can they say they support Israel?

    Actions speak louder than hollow lies.

    I’m leaving Canada. Everyone here is lock-step in line with the radical progressive agenda. Canada will get to Utopia faster than even Sweden!

  • DMB

    Moving the Canadian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would require leadership and in Canada there is a huge void in that.

  • Flame

    AFRICAN countries now considering following Trump’s lead
    and moving their embassies to Jerusalem

  • Flame

    Czech Republic follows Trump, recognizes Jerusalem