The Impending Death of Multiculturalism

We are all familiar with the Democratic Party gambit of packing the electorate with poor, third-world immigrants, all but guaranteed to vote for the party who offers them a living on the taxpayers’ largesse. While progressives still roll their eyes at the suggestion that this is why third-world immigration has been encouraged — the point is no longer even worth arguing. The fact that this immigration policy has, for many decades, had the effect of moving the country to the left is uncontestable. Latinos and other poor minorities vote for big government until they make it to middle class — an achievement which has become conveniently difficult since government effectively punishes people for being in the middle class. Call me a conspiracy theorist, a xenophobe, a racist, or a leprechaun if you like, but this is what has actually happened. For quite a few election cycles now, there have been indications that this game is running out of steam. The election of Donald Trump was an unmistakable thundering proclamation that a growing majority of the people have had enough — that we do not need more social programs or more federally enforced diversity, and we certainly do not need more unskilled workers to serve an economy with an ever-shrinking number of unskilled jobs.

Although the left appears to love third-world immigration, they are not so dogmatically blind as they might seem.