The Case for Islamophobia

I am an Islamophobe, and you should be one, too.

For years I have denied the label “Islamophobe,” because it is most commonly used to refer to people who have an irrational bigotry or hatred toward Muslims, and I don’t. I am not the “bad” kind of Islamophobe who wants any innocent people, Muslim or non-Muslim, to be victimized. Instead I am what I would call the “good” kind of Islamophobe, someone who is honest enough to call a problem a problem, even when the whole world wishes to ignore and deny its existence.

  • Liberal Progressive


    • Guilty as charged!

      • JoKeR

        But it’s The Religion of Peace™ and has been waging peace for 14 centuries at the cost of only about 100 million lives.

  • WalterBannon

    there are no “bad” kind of “Islamophobes”

  • dukestreet

    I am also. I have been since I met my Muslim neighbour who tried to convince me that we worship the same God. Since I didn’t know much about Islam, I asked the Egyptian men I taught English to for the right resources to know the truth. After reading the Koran,Hadith, etc. I know the truth about Islam.

  • Tooth&Claw

    I’m not Islamophobic, I am Islamo-revolted.
    Revolted that people will actually follow in the footsteps of a criminal/psychopath.