The 3 Western plagues: Post-God, Post-national, Post-family

In the West, marriage is no longer considered essential for raising children, nor is having them at all, while God and national identity are mostly irrelevant.

Marriage, which was the default way to form a family in the West regardless of income or education, has become another part of US life reserved for the privileged. One of greatest Western institutions is now increasingly reserved for middle and upper classes.

The British weekly magazine The Economist now explains that marriage is no longer considered essential for raising children. A once universal institution has become the brand of those “who made it”. 48 per cent of children in the UK today are born out of wedlock, compared to 8 per cent in 1970. One third of new borns in Italy come from de facto unmarried couples. In 1960, three quarters of American adults were married. Half of them are today.

  • Can’t improve on that title — encapsulates the whole thing.

  • Old Guy

    The video below looks at the external and internal threats facing the West.

  • Editor

    God, nationalism and Family are all good things. Who can possibly be against those? It’s not like atheism, globalism and the destruction of the nuclear Family are the core tenets of any ideology . . . Oh, wait.