Socialism by Any Other Name

Those who claim the mantle seem to be ideologically confused.

Seattle city councilwoman Kshama Sawant wants you to believe she’s a socialist. Even though councilmembers are nonpartisan, she declared her affiliation with the Trotskyite Socialist Alternative party during her first campaign back in 2015. In her inauguration speech, she reminded Seattleites that she “wear[s] the badge of socialist with pride.”

Sawant’s fellow Socialist Alternative members, in turn, want you to believe that a socialist revolution is coming. In the November general election, a second member of the party, Ginger Jentzen, won a city-council seat, this one in Minneapolis. “It wasn’t an aberration,” the party cried in its monthly newsletter, and perhaps they’re right. During his 2016 campaign, Bernie Sanders convinced many impressionable young progressives of socialism’s beauty and limitless possibility, dragging Democrats farther left in the process.

  • Clausewitz

    Socialists, Communists, Liberals and so called “Progressives” are by and large all Post Modernists. I’ll let the good Professor take it from here.

  • In other words Sawant is declaring to the world that she is a dictator. Because Socialism only functions as a dictatorship — there’s no such thing as “Democratic Socialism” except in name. Heck, even North Korea gives itself the oxymoronic title of “DEMOCRATIC People’s Republic of Korea” (emphasis mine).

    The reason socialism only functions as a dictatorship is because it only recognizes group rights — individual rights do not exist. But it goes even further than that — much further than eliminating individual rights — because it’s not just any group’s rights that dictate, it’s only the group rights of the Socialists that are recognized. It’s not my group’s rights, or your group’s rights, nor the rights of the group that Joe and Mary down the street happen to belong to. It’s only THEIR group rights that are recognized.