Pyongyang on the Prairie, Part I

A criminal justice system that operates in the dark is arbitrary, unjust and criminal.

In Oklahoma this year, a Kafkaesque set of sealed motions, secret orders and closed-door hearings completely shut out a criminal defendant, his public defenders and the public. A trial judge served as handmaiden for the prosecutors, even failing to notify the defendant and his lawyers of the kangaroo court proceedings until after they had occurred.

  • Clausewitz

    Don’t expect Justice when all we really have is a Legal system.

  • Frances

    Obviously, “infallibility” of the tech labs only occurs on NCIS and CSI. In the real world, said labs are sadly fallible and subject to corruption.

  • simus1

    Michelle Malkin is a real tough as nails reporter, a rare diamond in a field filled to overflowing with flawed zircons.