NYC Mayor De Blasio: Don’t stop with abolishing statues, go big!

On August 16, following the events over the previous weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) announced his intention to create a commission to review, within 90 days, all “symbols of hate on city property.” He said at the time that he had one in mind: a sidewalk marker in downtown Manhattan for Nazi collaborator Henri Phillipe Pétain. He named the members of his Mayoral Advisory Commission on City Art, Monuments and Markers on September 8. In October, the Commission opened a website so New Yorkers could participate in a survey. The Commission scheduled five public hearings between November 17 and 28.

  • ontario john

    Why stop with statues. Why not have book burnings. Young social justice warriors can raid homes and libraries for offensive books and burn them in piles in the streets. They can even wear brown uniforms to show their pride. I don’t think its ever been done before.

  • Jaedo Drax

    Shorty title:
    de Blasio (D) announces plan to erase history

    • tom_billesley

      Bill de Blasio, mayor of the city of New Amsterdam in the state of New Amsterdam.

      • Thomas Henderson

        Oh the irony. New York was not renamed after the Revolutionary War by republican revolutionaries even though the place was allegedly named after a royal duke. They had more sense. But fast forward to today, to the holy and self-righteous denizens of the political left, all past sins must be expunged so that purity of hearts and minds can be enforced.

        Proposals to change names, as we have seen in Alberta, are not far behind.

        According to this totalitarian mindset, the past is to be remembered only as a foil against which the Grail of progress can be measured. The utopian future is all that matters. Or so say its self-appointed Masters.

        Dementia is a sign of degeneracy and decline. When self-imposed it is an even sadder condition.

    • William Wilhelm already erased his own name.

  • Thomas Henderson

    Hate is turning out to be quite the cottage industry. What with a commission and its army of administrators funded to find “symbols of hate on city property.”

    Easier to cast the first stone if someone is paying you to do so.

  • canminuteman

    I assume the Statue of Petain was placed there while he was the a Marshal of France and the Hero of Verdun and before he was tried for treason by his fellow countrymen after WW11. He was convicted of treason and avoided being hanged because of his status as a hero in WW1. There is no reason to tear down the statue now.

    • Malcolm Y

      I want the MLK monument, someday, to be remodeled into the Jame Earl Ray monument.

  • Every major city in the US has a Martin Luther King Blvd. Those need to be removed lest future generations think he was royalty.

  • Hard Little Machine
  • Mike Williams

    Peter Stuyvesant was an anti-democratic tyrant who was appointed dictator of Manhattan by the Monsanto of its day, was knee deep in the slave trade, slaughtered local Indians, and suppressed religious freedom — but the “trains ran on time” so he is lauded in NYC today. When is de Blasio going to start removing his name from the city (this assume he has any clue about the history of his city).

  • Jay Harper

    Go even bigger. Arrest people wearing Che t-shirts. Destroy the Shirts, jail the wearers as hateful supporters of a genocidal maniac.