Jerusalem: Trump and Congress Challenge the Palestinians to Grow Up

The president’s decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to be announced Wednesday is already sending the usual suspects into a tizzy.  The famous Arab Street, we are told, will be erupting.  The despicable fascist that runs Turkey has warned of imminent disaster.  And the president of France is doing what the French usually do vis-a-vis the Jews — well, not quite that bad.

But the real question is how the Palestinians themselves will react once the dust has settled.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    I wish I could still eat popcorn.

    • I know the feeling. Until I finally broke down and spent a couple thou on dental work last year. Now I can eat popcorn again.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        It gets stuck in my gums and causes inflammation.
        No amount of flossing gets it out.

        • I had serious infections, on the verge of septicemia (which can kill you). It was just plain rotten teeth — got four or five pulled, followed by antibiotics.

  • If Trump did not move the embassy, the Islamists would see that their terror tactics worked. That Trump IS moving the embassy, people will see that Islamists’ terror tactics work.

    Six of one, half a dozen of another.

  • caliroxanne

    It’s about time someone had the courage to stand up to to these bullies!

  • The earliest political news stories I remember as a kid, from the time I first learned to read and process news, were about Israel and the so-called “peace process”. It’s been at least 55 years, and the stories today are exactly the same as they were back then — nothing has changed.

    Palestinian radicals are not interested in peace — they are interested in permanent phony victimhood, supported by bigots in the international community. At this point in my life I’m convinced that it’s based in anti-Semitism — there will never be a solution, two-State or otherwise. Because any solution would mean that they would lose their false pretext for attacking Israel.

    The time is right for Israel to simply assert her sovereignty, and everybody should accept it.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Maybe this will cause the EU to make ‘palestine’ a special protectorate of the EU and they can extend visa free travel and relocation all such ‘refugees’. A million more in Europe is nothing for Europe but a huge deal for Israel.

  • chayisun

    Muslim world in uproar! Muslim’s take to the streets, burn cars, assault non muslims, riot, scream “behead infidels!!!” and generally go completely crazy…….No, No….Nothing to do with the President’s latest move to infuriate muslims……It’s because the sun came up today.
    These knuckle dragging dredges of society who follow the teachings of the koran will riot about anything if it gets the attention of the non believers. That’s what they do. Is there ANY muslim who finds this type of behaviour stupid??? Didn’t think so.
    I assume that fathead in Ottawa, the one playing at being prime minister, will also go batshit crazy. Then again with this idiot what else is new. His love for all things muslim is disgusting.