How the Mainstream Media Convinced America that Trump is an Anti-Muslim Racist

The past week has seen such a flurry of media activity, that it’s difficult to pinpoint the most important story of the week: the GOP just passed the biggest tax cuts in the 30 years. Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was charged with lying to the FBI. And the mainstream media treated the American public to a hysteria-fest related to Trump’s alleged use of “racial slurs” at a White House ceremony, and authorship of alleged “anti-Muslim tweets” in support of an obscure British “hate group.”

In today’s America there is little critical analysis of the popular storylines that the mainstream media attempts to ram down our throats on a daily basis. Thus: “racial slur”, “anti-Muslim”, “hate speech”, and “far-right hate group” are terms that are batted about with reckless abandon, and rarely called into question by anyone.