‘Enough is enough’: 7 Democratic women in Senate call on Al Franken to quit

Half a dozen female Democratic senators called on Al Franken to resign on Wednesday as another woman stepped forward to accuse the Minnesota Democrat of sexually inappropriate behavior.

Franken’s office said he would make a public statement – expected to include a response to the calls – on Thursday.

  • People knew about this for ages. Why step on it now?

  • Dana Garcia

    I would prefer a diminished Franken remain, rather than see muslim Rep. Keith Ellison named as a replacement which seems to be a big possibility. He was sworn in using a koran.


  • simus1

    So the unfunny perv is not commie enough for the red guardian to ignore his foibles?

  • Hard Little Machine

    He, like Conyers will only quit if they are 100% guaranteed they can replace him with another left of left of left slightly to the left of Lenin democrat.

  • andycanuck

    It’s not because they give a sh1t but because they know that the hypocrisy of calling for Moore not to be seated should he win while allowing serial predator Franken to remain is killing them in the Alabama election.

    They’d rather take a pickup win in Alabama; and have the Dem governor appoint another Dem dipsh1t to replace Franken in a (now) safe Dem seat than keep nobody Franken.