Christie Blatchford: Tearful Liberal MP should accept James Bezan’s fifth apology and move on

Sherry Romanado – Faux Outrage Overdose Sufferer

James Bezan was entitled to assume that he was dealing with an adult who had a sense of proportion, if not a sense of humour. He was grossly mistaken

Nobody’s idea of a shrinking violet…

  • Linda1000

    In defense of James Bezan, the Romanado broad wouldn’t be “my idea of a threesome” either.
    How pathetic that this faux outrage issue is considered important enough to waste time being discussed in the House of Commons. Then again, look at the theatrics of dear Libturd leader Justine as an example.

    • Surele Surele

      to borrow from The President (paraphrasing): did you see her? I don’t think so, it would not be my first choice.

  • Clink9

    Maybe NASA could fire her up with next satellite launch.

  • ontario john

    Meanwhile her cabinet colleague is trash talking to a group of disability victims.

    • Canadian Born

      Now I wonder, what will be said about that? This government has no problem paying out Muslims who weren’t born here millions and millions and millions of dollars, but paying people out that were born here and hurt by the government, don’t want to help these people or the vets that fought to protect this country. What the hell are Canadians going to do to straighten this country out? I wish the hang mans’ noose was still available for this bitch

  • How long has she been sitting on this before milking it?

  • robins111

    Whiney sniveling twit.

  • Maggat

    She’s a liberal, behaving as a liberal, what do we expect?

    • dukestreet

      My thoughts exactly.