There’s nothing Islamophobic about arresting ISIS fighters

According to Canadian intelligence agencies, at least 250 Canadian citizens have traveled to Syria and Iraq to fight for the terrorist organization ISIS and at least 60 of those have returned to Canada.

The terrorist threat to Canada posed by these extremists is obvious. However, even if they do not commit new acts of violence in our country it remains the case that these individuals broke the law by travelling to another country for the purposes of committing an act of terror.

  • Liberal Progressive

    You can’t do such a thing in a country ruled by Sharia Law!

  • Tooth&Claw

    I’m good with a charge of treason being laid and a firing squad to finish. Canadians in name only with allegiance to the Umma. Who needs them?

  • Jay Harper

    Stop calling them ‘Fighters.’ They are terrorists, or, at best, Illegal combatants.

  • 250? Not 60?