ISIS issue new threat to Christmas shoppers with image showing armed jihadist in London’s Oxford Street decked out in festive lights

ISIS has made another threat to Christmas shoppers in London with a menacing poster warning of an impending attack.

The poster, which as been published by a pro-ISIS media group, shows a jihadi draped in a bullet belt walking down Oxford Street underneath this year’s Christmas lights which currently hang above the central London road.

It carries the warning: ‘From now onwards we will go to attack them and they will not come to attack us.’

  • Exile1981

    it shows they have at the least a photographer in london.

  • Clausewitz
  • Shebel

    The more Westerners that ISIS kills-
    The more IS!S killers that Westerns will bring in.
    It is very Strange World.

  • ontario john


  • canminuteman

    Who cares if they attack Oxford Street? That would basically be an “own goal” at this point.

  • Thinking From First Principles

    Unless I’m misunderstanding what I have read, it is OK for jihadis to attack a place and kill “innocents” as long as they have given a warning … just as Al Qaeda warned the USA before 9/11. So every single one of these threats need to be taken seriously. They are going to kill people, and they will believe that they are doing so from a moral high ground.