Iraq accused of violating due process for Islamic State suspects

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraqi federal and Kurdish regional judiciaries are violating the rights of Islamic State suspects with flawed trials, arbitrary detentions under harsh conditions, and broad prosecutions, Human Rights Watch said on Tuesday.

As the Sunni militant group’s self-proclaimed caliphate crumbles following defeats in Iraq and Syria, thousands suspected of joining it have been captured, detained, and put on trial.

At least 200 have been sentenced, Human Rights Watch said, and at least 92 executed.

So long as they knock off any of Justin’s lottery winners I could not care less.

  • canminuteman

    When the other side doesn’t play by the rules, you are under no obligation to tie one hand behind your back by following them yourself.

  • Watchman

    Captured Syrian pilots doused in kerosine would agree that ISIS deserves the full protection of the civilian justice system, even if only one side is doing so. /sarc

  • Alain

    Yet HRW is always silent when the savage jihadists are beheading and raping victims. They lost any credibility they may have had long ago.

    • Funny how when Saddam Hussein was executed there was no fair process either, but nobody complained. No fan of Hussein, but he did in fact deserve due process — after all, he was captured alive, and he once worked for the C.I.A.! (maybe that’s why Bush didn’t care — “dead men tell no secrets”)

  • You don’t say.

  • Daninvan

    92 executed?! What’s the holdup?

    • Watchman

      Jihadi Justice™ is the charity for you. For only $5 a month, your money can supply a roomful of ISIS jihadis true justice by supplying the ammunition for their executions. Meet Bilal, a young Canadian-citizen jihadi. Bilal was on his way back to Canada to continue the jihad after beheading dozens of Yazidis men and enslaving many women, until captured heading back and then found guilty in court. Bilal might have had to be hanged, strangled or bayonetted to death until Jihadi Justice™ justice stepped in and provided the ammunition to execute Bilal. Act now, and help give the murderous jihadis what they also truly desire: martyrdom. Only $5 per month.”

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Human Rights Watch is an oxymoron.

    • A close acquaintance once worked for them. I’m proud to say that I was able to influence one of their hr operations in a “closed country” in a positive way.

      I explained that they were going about it all wrong — you can’t work in a closed country by openly declaring to the Government that you are a human rights org. You have to work clandestinely. So they tried it as an experiment — and for the first time ever they were able to document serious violations in said closed country. But you are right — most of the time these orgs are way off the rails. They are chasing rabbits rather than hunting bears.

  • Jay Harper

    They need to hurry up. Hang as many as possible before they escape to wreak havoc here.

  • Human Rights Watch should be focused on documenting the innocent VICTIMS of Islamic State — some of whom were designated as targets of GENOCIDE by the U.N., and their Islamic persecutors should be hunted down and prosecuted for War Crimes and/or Crimes Against Humanity in accordance with International Law. Not focused on worrying about their genocidal persecutors who are legitimately prisoners of war — HRW has zero expertise in this area.

    Let the military deal with military people for now — Human Rights Watch should be focused on the innocent civilian victims. Or their killers — many of whom still run free — are going to get away with murder.

  • clearsky

    The same idiots as our PM: If we kill them, they win.

    • And if we let them they kill us, we win? Blind as bats.