How Antifa snowflakes and black panthers destroyed a Dutch children’s feast

A large majority of children love the Saint-Nicholas feast and look forward to it for weeks. However, with the increasing cultural diversity of the Netherlands, opposition and criticism of it grows. A small minority of black people fuelled by ‘Antifa snowflakes’ have a problem with the fact that Saint-Nicolas’s helpers are dressed up with “blackface”. According to them it is racist and has a strong connection with slavery.

  • canminuteman

    if you hate your hosts so much you always have the option of going back where you came from.

  • DMB

    Black Pete needs to identify as a trans racial white guy that way all the “haters” will just have to get sensitivity training!

  • cheryl

    Why oh WHY are the host countries CAVING to these SAVAGES? Shouldn’t the grateful “immigrants and refugees” be grateful, and assimilate? PC cowards.