Halal supermarket in Paris is ordered to close after refusing to sell pork and alcohol

A French halal supermarket has been shut down for not selling alcohol and pork.

The Good Price mini-market in Colombes, Paris was threatened with closure last year for violating the terms of its lease which required it to be a ‘general food store.’

But owner Soulemane Yalcin refused to stock alcohol and pork and a court has now ruled that his rental lease must be cancelled.

The court of Nanterre decided on Monday that he failed to meet ‘the needs of all inhabitants.’

  • This is the tip of the Muslim problem in France.

    Muslims will be spilling French blood for years to come.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Food is really big bu$iness. They want to take it over. Planting shit, killing animals. selling vegetables and cooking up restaurant food isn’t exactly rocket science. They know they simply don’t have any brainpower to dominate any other industry…

  • canminuteman
  • Watchman

    Probably a good thing – I can’t imagine any knowledgeable sane kuffar daring to buy fresh haram pork from a devout muslim’s store.

  • This is just plain stupid. Food is the most innocuous aspect of Muslim culture. The French are frustrated that they can’t do anything about the truly dangerous aspects of Islamism, so they go after petty stuff like food. They refuse to deal with the Muslim immigration/invasion mass-relocation problem, so they go after Halal food.

    It’s almost like the French “intelligentsia” want to provoke more violence over something that any reasonable human being knows is inconsequential in terms of presenting any kind of danger to French society. But then again, the French are doing the same with other petty things, reflected in the tearing down of Christian crosses and other public symbols.

    Socialism has reached its tipping point, it has no where to go anymore in terms of any sort of relevance to today’s world. It needs to be abandoned definitively everywhere, all forms of it, all versions of it. Because if we don’t do that immediately, we will be ruled by it — the worst most tyrannical expression of it. Time is running out — fast. Modern humanity is being presented with two choices: absolute Global fascist-Socialist tyranny; or absolute Global fascist-Islamist tyranny.

    The only third way is a two-pronged “counter-revolution” against both brands of Global tyranny, based on the ideals of freedom. No time for words and discussion anymore — it’s time for action. We have an enemy attacking from both flanks.

    IMHO (in my honest opinion)

  • DaninVan

    You know, I’m going to take the contrary pov here. The owner should be allowed to run his business as he sees fit. This is the flip side of the bake-a-cake bs happening in the US. Get government the f*** out of business interference.
    Sure, there are exceptions that I agree are reasonable; not selling ciggies to underage customers, but telling the store owner he HAS to sell ciggies to anyone else???
    F’ing busybody bureaucrats *(*%%^$!

    * An afterthought: Should a Kosher butcher be forced to sell pork?