Government of Canada moving forward with departmental changes needed to renew the relationship with Indigenous peoples

As part of the journey towards Reconciliation, the Government of Canada has taken an important step to renew the relationship with Indigenous peoples, based on the recognition of rights, respect, co-operation and partnership, by announcing a profound shift in the way the Government delivers services and advances self-determination and self-government of Indigenous peoples.

  • So how much are we on the hook for this time?

    • Canadian Born

      I’d say millions, but I think it is going to un in the billions. My family and myself have never done anything to these people.

      • A repeating process.

        We’ll have to do this next year, too.

      • ontario john

        Trudeau will accuse you of having a colonial attitude.

        • Will Quest

          Just-in’s highly divisive identity politics will intentionally rip the cohesive social fabric of our fair society , the sappy , clueless & vindictive little prick is on the war-path …………..

    • Surele Surele

      Oh, brother!

    • Dave

      From a National Post article by Jesse Kline, dated May 14, 2013.

      “Since 1995, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development (the department responsible for the bulk of aboriginal funding) has spent $115-billion. Last year alone, it spent $8.5-billion, with 84% of the money going directly to aboriginals, First Nations governments and programs for natives.”

      So you can kind of guess what’s gonna happen to the tax payer yet again.

  • canminuteman

    Does this mean that instead of giving them money we’ll go back to making them trade furs for blankets?

    I use a Hudson Bay blanket on my bed. It’s worth a lot of furs!!

  • Tooth&Claw

    Don’t rely on the followers of MO to honor any treaty when they reach a majority. Indigenous people don’t yet realize they are going to be even further marginalized in the future.

    • Alain

      Not to disagree but non of the mass population replacement being imported including non Muslims will. It is only the foolish “old stock” Canadians who continue to be suckered into the scam.

      • Will Quest

        Not so sure about that escape valve….. the Liberal government has now included an oath to ” Native Rights ‘ in their new citizenship swearing in process …

  • Amazing. The only people quoted and mentioned in that press release are white people — Liberal apparatchiks. I can’t even find the name of the Grand Chief. Who is our First Nations Grand Chief these days anyway? No idea.

    • WalterBannon

      Grand Chief Will Fare

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    At what point does Canada become “reconciled” with its Indians?
    When is this “debt” (if one even exists) marked paid in full?

    • mobuyus

      When justin delivers us to sharia law. See Tooth&Claw above.

      • Drunk by Noon ✓

        I would love to see all Indians live under a caliphate (free of the white man) for a generation. I’d especially love to see what happens to them the very first time the pull the “sacred” ground “spirit mother” lie out of their butts with the Muslims.

        • mobuyus

          They will learn from their new muslim masters neck level scalping and they won’t like it one bit.

          • UCSPanther

            They’ll be wishing for the “good old days” of European Colonialism…

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          Working up north, I have to go for mandatory sensitivity training every now and then.
          It drives me fucking crazy.
          It’s all lies.

          • Alain

            When I worked for the federal government my opinion and comments always resulted in being sent to “sensitivity training”. I even managed to upset the gals giving it a few times. It is like Mao’s re-education camps.

          • shasta

            Hopefully you have been educated in how to be polite while stepping over the carcasses lying in front of the liquor store.

    • Clink9

      Too many people making too much money off these guys for it to ever go away.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      It’s a scam that goes on and on:Reinforced by politicians and dummies.

    • Never.

      A year from now, it will be “reconciliation time”.

    • Very good point. Although Canadians like to pretend that we are “superior” to Americans re: things racial, the fact is the U.S. resolved its Indigenous land/treaty claims years ago.

      I don’t recall the exact number of outstanding LEGITIMATE claims here (been a number of years since I took that Indigenous Studies course in U.) but it’s safe to say that there are dozens. And guess who keeps trying to put them off by bribing and politically manipulating Indians? The Liberal Party. Everytime Conservatives try to resolve it by following a specific agenda to deal with the claims, Liberals and other Lefties throw a monkey-wrench into the works.

      Heck, under Conservatives we made probably the biggest land-settlement arrangement in the world for the Inuit — ceding territory comprising 1,877,787 kms. squared. More than twice the area of Texas.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Let them defend it.

      • Drunk by Noon ✓

        Until you cede all of Canada, all white people move back to Europe, and they mail their entire net worth back to the Indians in checks, it will never be enough.
        Then, after the Indians cannot feed themselves, and are dying of disease, you will be accused of abandoning them.
        It never ends, so why give them anything?

        • If you’re talking about the Inuit, you’ve gotta be joking. These people survive quite well on the land. If you went up there to live you would die without their help. Plus Canada still has mineral rights, sovereign border rights, etc. there. It wasn’t exactly a “giveaway”. The Inuit are also heavily involved in our Northern security, and maintaining the same early warning system from nuclear attack that you Yanks depend on. They patrol the North in Canadian Ranger units, which monitor Russian ships and subs, etc.

          • Drunk by Noon ✓

            Did I just insult your livelihood?
            We have Inuits in Alaska too and you act as if North America is reliant on their goodwill.
            Did I single out Inuits?
            If they lump themselves in with the rest of the band of extortionist that also call themselves “First Nations” then maybe I am.

          • You’re a bit touchy today dbn, but so be it. I impled nothing of the kind, but you implied that they are all welfare cases and can’t take care of themselves.

            And it’s not my “livelihood”. I worked with some of the tribes in C.A. during the Reagan-supported anti-communist revolution. I asked some of the commanders once, “why don’t I see any American Marines here helping you guys (there were at least four American bases within 100 miles)?” They answered: “they’re too slow in jungle and hold us up, too much gear, and they really don’t know how to survive off the land — we travel light and the only thing we need is guns and ammunition”.

            Not a criticism of the Marines, whom I deeply respect, the Americans played an incredible supportive and training role. But not all Indians are welfare cases.

        • Alain

          Actually ceding all of Canada wouldn’t work either, since just BC alone has more land claimed than there is land.

          • Drunk by Noon ✓

            Maybe the Chinese can build them some Islands?
            Has anyone asked them about that discrepancy?

          • Alain

            Yeah, that is a thought, but I really doubt the Chinese will be as guidable as we “old stock” Canadians.

          • ntt1

            they are not right now. most of the Chinese I have talked to including second or third generation hold the indians in contempt.

          • Fake claims then — I blame NDP et al for introducing Marxist permanent-victim ideology into some of the tribes. In fact there’s even a Cuba connection in some cases. Those claims should not pass the scrutiny of the Courts and the supporting historical documents.

            There are in fact legitimate claims, based on treaties supported by the Crown. They really aren’t very large.

          • ntt1

            110% plus all liquor stores

  • ontario john

    The National Post is already reporting that changes to the indian act is going to cost seven times more that previously forecast, to the tune of 400 million dollars. And now little Justin is giving veto powers over resource development, fisheries, land, and every thing else.

  • Frances

    Does this new system include advice for the chiefs as to where best park their ill-gotten gains offshore?

    • ontario john

      Well, Manitoba chiefs do make a lot of trips to Iran.

  • ontario john

    Super Socks is making a fool of himself in the American media again. Breitbart News makes fun of our little prince by stating in a headline that China woos Snappy Dresser Trudeau.

  • DMB
  • DMB
  • ontario john

    And in further news that feminist Trudeau is a complete idiot. The National Post and other media outlets are reporting that Justin will not be buying new Boeing fighter jets, but will purchase the old junk from Australia. I’m sure it will work out well. Look how wonderful the Liberals buying those old subs worked out.

    • Ridiculous. Is Australia more technologically advanced than we are? Not likely, especially since we live next to most techonologically advanced Nation in the world and have tons of privileges in that respect, space program participation, NORAD, etc.. No excuse for Liberals making us the “banana republic” of the North.

  • bverwey

    When will Indigenous peoples get a clue and move on with the rest of their lives? Do we need to carry on throwing $$ away? Cut them a cheque and suggest to them to move forward as they wish but be done with it.

  • Alain

    Moving backwards, not forward. Moving forward would be abolishing the Indian Act and bringing Canada and all Canadians into the 21st century.

  • joan flaherty

    Looks like Trudeau auditioning to be band member for the new Village People.

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    Who’s the white guy on the right?