Germans see Trump as bigger problem than North Korea or Russia

Topping the list of foreign policy concerns were refugees, with 26 percent of respondents worried about Germany’s ability to cope with inflows of asylum seekers.

Relations with Trump and the United States ranked second, with 19 percent describing them as a major challenge, followed by Turkey at 17 percent, North Korea at 10 percent and Russia at 8 percent.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Of course, Trump poses a problem for the Germans. He doesn’t think like the incompetents who occupied the White House for the previous 25 years, but instead stands up for American interests. That’s hard for Europeans to digest after decades of Americans benevolently letting Europeans indulge in their debauchery while our taxpayers picked up the tab for their defense and diplomats lavished sweetheart trade deals on them.

  • mauser 98
  • WalterBannon

    German socialists are idiots and the biggest threat to Europe

  • It’s because the Germans under Merkel are still Nazis and anti-Semites.

    • Don Pelayo

      Not generally, but those who support the Merkel regime are. Definitely.

  • Don Pelayo

    Germans are totally misinformed by a fake news media that is totally in the Merkel camp. Generally, the Germans are low info voters who lack curiosity about what really goes on. The rest is peer pressure from Gutmenschen & teddybear throwers who pat themselves on the shoulders about how good they are.

    • Alain

      The same applies to all of Western Europe, the UK and Canada.

    • joan flaherty

      Yes – Agitprop

  • Watchman

    It takes the Germans back 76 years to December 8 1941 where they did not fear Russia (nor any part of Japanese-occupied Korea), but did fear the mighty USA but not so much a tiny Britain hoping to escape becoming irrevocably part of the then German-organised European union.

  • Clausewitz

    If you’re gauging your moral clarity using the Germans as a compass, you’re screwed.