Woke 6 year old tells Santa his life is empty

Mom works for NPR so the kid is underprivileged.

I see nothing wrong with allowing a child to believe in Santa, no harm comes of it. This kid’s Mom seems proud to have soured her child’s heart.

  • Alain

    More lies. There is NO way that a 6 year old kid would come up with this. This is the work the mother.

  • Two questions: If the kid doesn’t believe in Santa, who does he think he’s not giving his name to?
    And does anyone think that decorating a letter to anyone with skulls is healthy in a six year old? Seems like that’s worse than biting your Pop Tart into the shape of a gun!

  • Frances

    A six-year-old who’s that sad and empty himself – he has major parent trouble. When our offsprings stopped believing in Santa, it was no big deal, and the stockings were still hung and filled. However, from early on, they were taken to the shops to point out some gift which they would like. Said gift was bought and wrapped, and the offspring who picked it out donated it at “white gift Sunday”. Gifts were great, but the emphasis was on the Christmas story and giving to others.

  • Justin St.Denis

    This “mom” is ensuring that she herself misses out on SO much. I remember the gingerbread cookies and glass of milk my kids prepared for Santa’s visit. I remember eating those cookies while they slept, leaving LOTS of crumbs behind after I had made the reindeer footprints in the yard and tossed gnawed-off carrot tops (with greens) around to prove the reindeer had eaten them. My wife would “decorate” the fireplace with little bits of fur from Santa’s clothing that had come off when he’d come down the chimney, and even place damp “footprints” on the hearth rug from Santa’s snowy boots. The fun we had, and the joy we took in watching the wonder our efforts produced in our kids’ eyes. It was simply a glorious time!

  • Hard Little Machine