‘The West Must Restore a Sense of the Sacred’

Atlas and St. Patrick´s Cathedral at Rockefeller Center. New York City. New York. United States

My essay on the New Nationalism and the sense of the sacred in the West appears in the December/January issue of Standpoint Magazine, the UK monthly edited by Daniel Johnson.

Some extracts appear below. Read the whole essay here.

The New Nationalists emerged in response to specific irritations: EU meddling in the UK, hollowed-out manufacturing and surging immigration in the U.S., the migrant wave in Germany, and so forth. But there is a deeper motivation for the nationalist resurgence. This could be seen in November in Poland, when 60,000 nationalist marchers paraded through Warsaw, many under signs declaring, “We want God!” Polish nationalism contains chauvinist and anti-Semitic elements at its fringes, to be sure, but the religious fibre that set Poland in opposition to the Soviet Union is not entirely attenuated.