Rods from God?

Trump may have ended Nork’s nukes program

On October 10, an earthquake struck North Korea’s underground nuclear program, killing 200 workers.

Today, another earthquake struck.

Evidence shows that this may be the result of the Rods from God program — a tungsten rod fired to Earth from space.

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  • BillyHW

    I so hope this is true.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    American ingenuity did this and not some faggoty Scandinavian’s idea of soft-power.
    We took some fabulously exotic alloys, hammered them into the shape of a dart, blasted them into orbit, and then de-orbited them at Mach 9 zillion, right through a pack of Nork scientists, ripping them apart with enough kinetic energy to put a locomotive on top of Mount Everest.
    My President ordered that little magic trick up with a phone call, what can your President do?

    • Linda1000

      European elitists have long been choking on American exceptionalism and that’s why they don’t know how to deal with Trump, elected by the average American and his MAGA brand.

      Justine only knows how to primp for selfies, wear “cute” socks and fly all over the world pretending to be important with his fluffy hair. When you have a President from a poor third world country like the Phillipines telling you to flip off, he should realize he has problems but that hasn’t occurred to him yet. He’s kind of slow as he just made a bigger fool of himself with China.

    • ntt1

      with all due respect this is pure fantasy. better off to just fly obama in on a one way ticket and let the muslim communist work his half dark magic.

      • Drunk by Noon ✓

        I have been hearing about “rods from the gods” since the early 1980’s (dad subscribed to aviation week back then) and I first read about the idea then.
        Over the last two years I have suddenly heard more and more about this project, so it’s not as if it’s pure science fiction. This was a partner project to the “brilliant pebbles” weapon idea and there was some other big particle beam research that looked promising but I never heard anything else about it since the late 1980’s.

        There is also, supposedly, a focused, small (man-sized area) aerosol’d explosive weapon that can be directed like a shaped charge. How they supposedly do all that magic, I have no idea.

        • The MOAB is gravity propelled isn’t it? I’ve been thinking if war is necessary then how about the possibility of dropping a moab from high altitude, plop dead centre on the viewing stand where ding dong is standing during their next gaudy military parade. A moab surprise attack as a starting point. You would take out ding dong and all his top military brass right off the bat — nk would certainly be in chaos after losing dear leader, long enough to start taking out the most dangerous offensive weapons before any of the subalterns could regroup, no?

          Even if it only gave you a twenty minute advantage, heck that’s all the Japanese needed for Pearl Harbour.

  • Watchman

    I doubt it, it would be an act of war against North Korea and provide a trigger to allow Kim Jong-un to announce that the US has declared war on his nation and publicly renounce any arms limitation treaties. The USA could destroy North Korea if it wanted to – it does not need North Korea to start shelling Seoul as a part of a slow war to force the world to a bargaining table. The USA needs to maintain the moral high ground, and the best way to deal with North Korea is to get China to close its borders with it and this would quickly bring North Korea to it’s knees due to its absolute dependant on Chinese money and supplies.

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      I don’t know.
      If you get attacked with a weapon that you don’t understand or even comprehend that you are actually being attacked, how would you react?

      • Watchman

        There are many countries who would love to help North Korea prove that the USA was behind a first strike against North Korea that breaks the current cease fire, since it is indeed only a ceasefire not a peace treaty that exists been the two Koreas. Iran is one of those, China might be – but unlikely to be, and some European countries might want the USA to be embroiled in a war to enhance their own prospects. Determining that a terrestrial-origin projectile was the cause would not be difficult – boron-tungsten-carbide is not a common meteorite material.

        The whole think wouldn’t work due to the physics either. Putting a solid projectile in orbit to be later sent down to North Korea involves turning the chemical energy in the rocket into potential & kinetic energy in orbit, then turning that back into kinetic energy back on impact with the ground. You only get the energy of the rocket back into energy on the ground, minus air resistance getting the projectile up and back down again. So consider the energy contained in the one rockets engines and that is essentially all the energy you get back from a projectile delivered from space. It is a minute amount of energy released compared to real earthquake, and would have to trigger pent-up energy in an existing fault line. This would be very difficult to achieve without under-the-ground fault surveys.

  • Exile1981

    If they do have them and used them, would NK have been able to figure out what caused it? Or what the blast have been so unique that they couldn’t tell it wasn’t an earthquake caused by thete own testing.

  • shasta

    I think the writer has been reading too many comics.

    • Reader

      Each rod would weigh about 8500kg and cost under $1/2 million for the metal itself, but how much would it cost to get that much weight up into orbit, never mind the controlling satellite?

      • Drunk by Noon ✓

        8.5 metric tons?
        The only examples I heard of were closer to 7-9 feet long and only weighed a few hundred pounds, while there was a much smaller one that was less than 3 feet long, likely weighing between a third and a half as much.

        • Reader

          The description was 20 feet long and 1 foot in diameter and that was what I based my calculations on. That doesn’t mean the description in the story was accurate.

  • Jay Currie

    It would be lovely if this turns out to be true. And even better if it turns out to be largely undetectable.

    Mad Dog looks so plausible when he says he is not going to discuss kinetic options.

  • ntt1

    very unlikely the cost and resource expenditure of lifting a huge kinetic chunk of steel would show up somewhere. it hasn’t

  • Clausewitz

    In Rod we Trust……..

    • DaninVan

      Spare the Rod and spoil the child.
      (Sorry, I blame Clausewitz 😉 )

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    Looks like nonsense.

  • WalterBannon

    someone reads too many comic books

  • Hard Little Machine

    Except that any object explosive or inert what that much energy be it kinetic or exothermic will make a huge and unmistakable explosion. The original concept was an attempt to end run global treaties against putting nukes in orbit

  • Tooth&Claw

    Maybe that’s the source of the weird booms heard around the world lately.