Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals trail Tories and NDP: Poll

Face it. The only qualification she had for office was being a lesbian.

The Kathleen Wynne Liberals are heading toward a third-place finish in the next provincial election despite popular moves like a $15-an-hour minimum wage, a new Forum poll shows.

This does nothing to convince me Patrick Brown can win.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Patrick brown has yet to come out as a transgendered lesbian who feels stuck in a man body.

    • But he is today living his life as a Gay man.

      • Why are Gays so unhappy? And why would they misappropriate a word that denotes “happy”, when a more appropriate word would denote “never satisfied”. The Unsatisfied Pride parade would make sense to me. Or if at least they called it the Gay Humility parade, I might participate.

        • John Boy

          Why do Muslims insist they are The Religion of Peace, when their faith is based upon war and the subjugation of everybody?

        • ontario john

          I guess I’m old fashioned. I still use the word pervert.

          • DMB

            Or sodomite.

  • Wynne will find the money for teachers and unions and win the election in a landslide.

    Her friend was Ben Levin, a convicted child pornographer. Unions know this.

    Carry on.

  • I’m still waiting for this lady to fix a road or a bridge somewhere. But apparently it’s all about LGBTQALPHABET stuff and “gwe zhi me me me me me me” pronouns and stuff. Which she wouldn’t have had a problem with in the first place if she studied basic English grammar and graduated Grade 4.

    • Observer

      Worse than that, she received a Masters at the Ontario (Marxist) Institute for Studies in Education.

    • ontario john

      I’m still figuring out “Two Spirit”, Is that some sort of indian pervert?

    • Waffle

      But Ricardo, she’s a cunning linguist!

  • A Hamilton Guy

    As a Conservative, I can’t stand brown. He’s nothing but a bloody liar. I am thinking of taking a pass.
    PS: You could sit me on a bed of coals ; I would never vote ndp.

    • Bla Bla

      I’m in the same boat – not voting for brown stain… Held my nose long enough, and yet we continue to get ass clowns for ‘leader’ of the PC. No more, it’s high time the PC party of Ontariowe go the way of the whig party. If i’m voting for anyone, it’ll be my dogs written in on the ballot.

    • JoKeR

      Just watch him snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!

  • ontario john

    Don’t worry, the pork is already flowing out the door. Although I suppose I can’t use that expression in Islamic Ontario. Super Lesbian is already announcing the hiring of more civil servants. This time to regulate auto insurance, and she is spending millions on bike lanes throughout Ontario. I’m sure they will come in handy here in rural Ontario in the winter.

    • Bla Bla

      The only way things can start to turn around is after the province and perhaps the country goes into default on it’s massive debts.

  • Watchman

    I hate the term “$15 per hour minimum wage” because it is just wrong.

    The “minimum hourly wage” is alway $0, or in other words, some potential employee being not employed at all meaning that they are paid nothing by a business but conversely not required to do any work.

    In a capitalist system, people are employed by businesses generally because they add more value to a business than they cost. This certainly doesn’t hold true for anyone employed by government as there is no imperative to an employee to add value and often the hiring motivation is ideological. If a business cannot generate more money from employing a person than that person is costing them, it will lose money and if it has enough of these types of people, the business will fold.

    If a business can make nett money from employing someone at $10 per hour, but loses money if they have to employ someone at $15 per hour, then they will not employ that person in the absence of other factors. The employee who would otherwise have got $10 will get $0 from that business.

    Marxist ideology requires that business owners charge only enough money for goods or services so they make zero profit on employing people. The Progressives demand that people be paid $15 per hour and if this is insufficient to justify employing a person, the business is expected to accept the loss and subsidise this out of the other parts of the business (although the Progressives have no idea where those other parts are). Progressives demand that if an employee is being paid $15 per hour, but delivers the equivalent of $20 per hour back to the business then two things have to happen: the employee must be paid $20 per hour, or the price of the businesses goods or services must be reduced so that the employee is only delivering the equivalent of $15 per hour in their labour.

    Unions love minimum wages because it protects their jobs from competition by people willing to work for lower wages, but also because a lot of union-negotiated salaries are directly linked to minimum wages, so when the minimum wage goes up their salaries are automatically increased.

    [Sorry about the Business Economics 101 comment]

  • Shebel

    I will be voting for Patrick Brown.
    Hopefully , he is just Lying .
    He sure as Hell won’t win if he presents a Conservative agenda.
    The Unions have already started their onslaught of mis -information.
    Just wait until the CBC gets going.
    GO LEFT Patrick Brown.
    Pretend that you are a Liberal– LIE.

  • mauser 98
  • General P. Malaise

    brown and winning should not occupy the same sentence.

    • Shebel

      So you prefer Kathleen to win again ?