Here’s an example of our “shared values” with Islam

  • ontario john

    Meanwhile as feminist Trudeau turns over Canada to Islam and China, he has appointed two new senators. Both of them women of course, and both of them social justice warriors. One is an indian and the other works on indian issues.

  • Tooth&Claw

    We know. The problem is the ordinary Canadian is getting his information from six media corporations that are in league with the globalist /Islamist agenda.

    • If the average Canadian won’t seek out other information (as the good people here do) then he is part of the problem.

  • Observer

    Liberal Party values are ruling over Canada and permanently changing the Canadian way of life against the wishes and interests of Canadians.

  • Watchman

    Don’t give Turdeau ideas for Canadian legislation and penalties for ‘islamophobia’. He will point to Pakistan and say, “We are just providing legislation against ‘hate speech’ that others already take a strong stand on, but we are more moderate in the penalties and limit the penalties to serious jail time.”

  • Frances

    Bet they don’t consider speech against Jesus or Jehovah as “blasphemy”.

    • Alain

      Well, of course not as we have witnessed over and over.