French authors of ‘colonial Paris’ guide hope to spark Rhodes Must Fall-style movement

While debate rages in the UK and across the English-speaking world about removing statues of Cecil Rhodes and General Lee and others deemed guilty of historic wrongs, in France there is barely a whimper.

A small band of militants, bent on highlighting their country’s colonial and slave-trading past, aims to change that.

Patrick Silberstein is one of them. The retired doctor, along with fellow activist Didier Epsztajn, will next month publish their Guide to Colonial Paris.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The Eiffel Tower will be blown up soon. The Lourve will be burned to the ground. Macron will celebrate

    • Watchman

      How could he celebrate and project the tricolour lights up onto the Eiffel Tower when it is no longer there?

  • Dave

    Wouldn’t be much of a loss if Patrick Silberstein, Didier Epsztajn and any followers were found face down in the Rhine.

  • felis gracilis

    Will they tear down l’Arc de Triomphe? Will they tear up Les Invalides?
    “Progressive” deconstructionists are a sign of late-stage decay.

  • Agincourt


    the Cohencidences never stop