Facing the Inevitable: Islamization of Europe

Given the refugee crisis and the steady increase in the Muslim population, the EU is likely to face three scenarios that will determine its future, RIA Novosti contributor Igor Gashkov writes, adding that none of them could prevent inevitable ethnic, cultural and religious changes on the Old Continent.

The size of the Muslim population in Western Europe has been increasingly growing in recent years; however, even if the migration flow from the Middle East and North Africa is halted, Europe is destined for huge changes, due to the high birthrates of the Islamic citizens of the European Union (UN).

According to RIA Novosti contributor Igor Gashkov, the EU is facing three scenarios. The first one envisages tough anti-immigration measures including border closures.

However, “the adoption of cardinal measures will not stop the change in the ethnic ratio in European societies,” the journalist stressed, adding that the share of the Islamic population will still increase from 4.9 to 7.4 percent in the next few decades.

Under the second scenario, if Brussels fails to take the migration process under control the EU Muslim population will soar up to 11 percent. Thus, by 2050 its share will mount to 16 percent in the UK and 20 percent in Sweden.

  • canminuteman

    So other people are now waking up to what Mark Steyn wrote about twenty years ago.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      In fairness, twenty years ago I read four newspapers every day and got nothing except that some people in Ontario were lobbying for sharia courts.
      Then the internet happened.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Europeans still think that 200 million angry Mideastern Muslims will become more European than the rest of Europe will become more Mideastern, angry, insane and Muslim. They still believe that no matter what the appeal of ‘being European’ will be stronger than the social, religious, cultural foundations of their Islam. In the back of the EU’s mind they believe, earnestly believe, that the ‘refugees’ are the smart ones fleeing the Mideast because they’re going to Europe.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Western Europe has signed its own death warrant.