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In “Largest-Ever” Military Drill, US Orders 16,000 Troops, 230 Jets To Simulate War With North Korea

As part of “Vigilant Ace”, US and South Korean forces will be rehearsing for a full-scale war with North Korea, with Yonhap noting that “allies plan to stage simulated attacks on mock North Korean nuclear and missile targets.”

Despite Pyongyang’s harsh rhetoric, US commanders have downplayed the drill – claiming it is “regular” and not a direct response to North Korea.

According to the WSJ, at least 230 US and Southg Korean warplanes will take part, alongside 12,000 US troops from the Air Force, Marines and Navy and airmen with another 4,000 expected to represent Seoul.” The drill, which lasts from December 4 until December 8, will see aircraft flying over eight airbases across the Korean Peninsula.

‘Orwellian nightmare’: German Interior Minister drafts law to spy on all digital devices – report

If signed into law, de Maiziere’s proposal would allow German security services to spy on any device connected to the internet. Tech companies would be compelled to provide the state with backdoor access to most digital consumer devices, including private tablets, computers and even televisions and cars. However, German authorities would need the authorization of a judge before tapping into a compromised consumer device.

Ontario will miss its 2020 electric-vehicle target, experts say

The Liberal government has been encouraging electric vehicle sales by doling out $75 million in rebates to vehicle owners, offering various other incentives and programs, installing a network of charging stations and spending $1 million to open an electric vehicle education centre.

But that so far hasn’t translated into vast numbers of vehicles. The official data for 2017 isn’t yet available, but at the end of last year, electric vehicles represented less than 1 per cent of all passenger vehicle sales in Ontario.

SAS could change selection test to make it easier for female recruits

Soldiers hoping to join the Special Air Service and its sister regiment, the Special Boat Service (SBS), currently have to pass an initial physical test, which involves carrying heavy rucksacks over a series of long marches across mountainous terrain.

But according to reports, the SAS is considering allowing female recruits to carry lighter loads and giving them more time to complete the test.

The suggestion comes after the government said it wanted to see all close combat units in the British military open to women by 2019.

“Green energy” fairy tale turning into a nightmare for Canada

Once upon a time in a northern dominion called Canada, a thriving oil industry provided fuel for vehicles, trains and airplanes. There was also a large natural gas industry that kept the people warm during the long, cold winters and supplied the raw material for plants that manufactured plastics, detergents, fertilizer, synthetic clothing and a great many other items needed and used by people every day.

  • MSNBC host Joy Reid apologizes over ‘homophobic’ blog posts

    ‘MSNBC host Joy Reid has apologized after blog posts emerged in which she used homophobic remarks and anti-gay jokes to mock former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist.
    In a series of posts written from 2007-2009 on Reid’s former blog ‘The Reid Report” that resurfaced on Twitter, the MSNBC host referred to Crist as “Miss Charlie” and made ungrounded suggestions that he was repressing his true sexuality.

    “Stop pretending, brother,” one post read. “It’s okay that you don’t go for the ladies.”’

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      Up next: Beta males decorating their schlongs as candy canes.

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  • Linda1000

    Yeah, let’s make owning guns legally even more restrictive to make sure the bad guys don’t buy guns. /s Just because Montreal, Toronto, Southern ON, Vancouver/ Surrey area have turned their cities into unsafe multi-cult shitholes why does the rest of Canada have to be affected by their stupidity.
    Meanwhile, illegal drugs and legal pot are okay in Canada and Ottawa high schools and elementary schools are now providing druggie overdose kits.

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      Diversity is our strength.

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      Oops, wrong thread, should be in above post on gun ban.

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    Yes the media is excited today that comrade Trudeau is visiting China’s largest social media company, where he can get tips on how a government can tightly control public opinion.

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    Thanks for the recipe this time…

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    When Trump orders the dependents of our military and diplomats out of South Korea, we will know that he is serious about taking military action against the north.

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    Those transphobes at Time have not even considered one transgendered person for their Person of the Year! Boycott Time!

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    SAS is considering allowing female recruits to carry lighter loads
    They’re giving them smaller bullets?

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      They can lighten their load by not wearing flak jackets and body armour.