The BBC’s Sharia Compliant Christmas

Yes they really did make this. A Christmas cartoon promo that doesn’t mention Christmas.

This sort of thing is done deliberately to insult native citizens, especially of course those of the Christian faith.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    I’d like to thank the secular globalists that made possible the upcoming coming civil-ethno-religious wars.
    May they and their families all swing from light posts.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Frankly I’m amazed they haven’t blamed all Jews for murdering Jesus yet. They will though

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      We save that chestnut for Easter.
      Christmas is for Christ’s birth.

      Notice that those cartoon people don’t exactly look English either.

  • Liberal Progressive

    This is absolutely necessary as celebrating Christmas is Islamophobic.

  • ed

    i saw that crap yesterday skipping channels and thought WTF is this ! 90% of muslims in the uk watch satalite tv in Arabic/Urdu/farsi not the crap bbc [ ed uk ]

  • Gary

    The TDSB allows Ramadan to be promoted in Public schools plus we now has 3 Public schools in Toronto and the GTA with a Mosque for the minority of those following islam.

    John Tory was on the Radio 15 minutes ago and now with the Election in 2018…..he’s back with his Charade about the Homeless crisis part II . In February of 2015 Canadians saw how 2 white male Citizens froze to death in Toronto within 24 hours , while a 3rd days later.
    I pointed out Tory’s outrage back then but Justin’s Campaign promises in that Fall included $60 billion in debt funding for the Cities and to bring in 25,000 Muslims refugees .
    Suddenly John Tory wanted to embrace Justin’s 25,000 refugees to get part of the $60 billion of OUR money while too bad for the Canadians that are homeless.

    He wants to spend $10,000,000.00 on 400 new beds which is really a gift to the ‘ Homeless Industrial Complex ‘ where the Fair-Wage Act in the 416 zone is about $24.00 an hour for ” volunteers ” while CUPE staff at $36,00 an hour process those getting housing and welfare.

    Joe Mihevic boasted about the 300,000+ illegals in Toronto that are entitled to Welfare while just this January after the Quebec mosque shooting I saw John Tory with Pam McConnel by his side to declare it a Sanctuary City.
    Typical liberal and socialist to play Santa Claus in January to by the Muslims votes but just cried poor over the Budget to raise Property taxes almost 3% and now plays Santa Claus again to spend $10 million for the Fake homeless which he confirmed by admitting that the youth across canada want to leave home for Toronto and be in the heart of the city for all of the benefits.
    The Homeless issue is just a Fake cause during the Election year just like the TTC Subway and affordable Housing which I have seen since the 1960’s
    and has a special Room in the City Hall basement to hold all of the ” Study ” binders and has room for the next 20 years of Study reports.

  • Jabberwokk

    Jesus or Barabbas?

    Britain has chosen poorly.

    We warned you….Nature abhors a vacuum and it is now filing it.