Mohammedan robs a taxi driver after disguising himself as an elderly headscarf-wearing Muslim woman called Fatima’

A man has allegedly robbed a taxi driver at knifepoint disguised as an elderly woman called Fatima.

Sydney man Kemal Yalim, 24, put on a dress, cardigan and scarf that covered his face and booked a taxi under the name Fatima, police allege.

  • Don’t even jail these guys. Chuck them into a river.

  • Watchman

    What kind of man, at 24, keeps an old woman’s dress and cardigan at home waiting to be worn as a disguise, unless he is living with his mother or grandmother? I wouldn’t have thought that attempting to rob a taxi driver at 6:35AM on an Easter Sunday would be expected to yield a significant amount anyway.

    “Mr Alexander [his lawyer] said: ‘Identity and gender will be an issue in this case.’” Quite.

    • Dave

      I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say a muslim man. A goat humping, wife beating, dog hating muslim.
      OMG! I better use my inside voice. trudope might hear me and press charges.

  • Dana Garcia

    Veil = mask.

    There’s a good reason for disallowing traditional muzbo face coverings.

  • Those things remind me of a funeral shroud. Just sayin’.

  • Observer

    The product of fourteen centuries of inbreeding.