Lindsay Shepherd lays bare ideological divide on Canadian campuses

In the volatile tinder pile of progressive, gender and social justice politics that defines university culture these days, Lindsay Shepherd has become a pain in the ass to those hell-bent on making the world at any cost a better and more tolerant place.

  • Oracle9

    Shepherd rightly saw value in Peterson’s amazing lectures.

    My lefty friends, aided by the media’s blanket condemnations of the knowledge shared by this great man, would rather die than learn from his observations on human life.

    I think it’s because they really do believe that humans are a cancer on the planet.

    Peterson’s Biblical Series of lectures far outweigh Joseph Campbell’s interpretations, which is saying much. Refreshingly, he keeps humility and distance on such vast subjects, without tainting things with any of his own personal biases.

  • Jaedo Drax

    She identifies as a climate change proponent and liberal…. can’t have them engaging in wrongthink

    • Watchman

      This goes to show the difference between left and right wing politics: the right believe that if people have good ideas as well as bad ideas they can still be supported on the good ideas, the left believe that if people have good ideas as well as bad ideas then these people must be destroyed because of their bad ideas.

      (The ‘good’ and ‘bad’ ideas are relative to that side’s philosophy, of course)

  • The things is these fascists were caught. How many others were railroaded?

    • Many. It happens all over the country. Rule #1: never, ever go to meetings like this alone when you are called to the carpet. Always bring a witness, or even a lawyer if you have the means. Whether it’s a University, an organization, or even certain types of employers — the latter especially if you work in the social services industry, which is practically owned and operated by Social Justice Warriors all across the country. And if they insist, “you must come alone for this meeting — you cannot bring a third party”. Then you simply say: “sorry, but I’m not attending the meeting alone — I’m not showing up under those conditions.”

      I once worked in said industry (Social Services), was called to the carpet one day, and got a good inside look at the despicably corrupt practice of being “called to the carpet” behind closed doors. They set me up to stage an arrest — it was all pre-planned, and the SJW’s have a particular template that they follow in order to intimidate, humiliate, and hopefully to provoke an angry reaction whereby they can call Police and claim, “Mr./Ms. Jones is acting in a threatening manner and is trespassing” in an attempt to get you arrested. In my case six people interrogated me and threw tirades at me all at the same time — I was never allowed to answer a single question before another question would be thrown, or another tirade of accusations. It’s specifically designed to break you down psychologically.

      Long story short, I stayed focused and refused to be intimidated, so when the Police were waiting at the door to arrest me, I simply explained to them calmly what had occurred, explained that I wasn’t “trespassing” that I was invited to the premises to discuss my employment (and I had a letter to prove it). In the end the fascist SJW’s had egg on their faces — the cops saw through the scam immediately.

      • Exactly.

        It’s not just for their protection but leftist fascists need to know that they can bully.

        You are quite brave to deal with what you dealt with.

        • Thanks. I could write a book — it went on for more than a decade at every place of employment, more than a dozen jobs, and more than a dozen times moving until I gave up and ended up homeless. Years later I walked into the welfare office and when they told me I had to be looking for work while receiving welfare, I said to them: “I cannot work in Canada again, and I will never work in Canada again — I refuse to work here again because I am being targeted. And if you insist that I work, then I would prefer to live on the street for the rest of my life”.

          I haven’t worked since 2006. The fact is these fascist social justice organizations network, no matter where you go in the country, they contact your employers, landlords, etc., claiming you are a criminal, etc. The only place I was safe was on the street where I lived under a false name.

          And I don’t share these things to evoke some sort of “pity party”, so nobody please don’t comment along those lines. Everything I share on this blog from my personal experiences is because I feel it is my duty to inform, and to warn, other Canadians about what is happening in this country behind the scenes with this horrible system. What was a big secret back in 2006, is now becoming apparent to many more people who are in similar circumstances.

          (And my life is fine right now, btw) 🙂

          • A Hamilton Guy

            I must say ;”you are one tough piece of work’. you could cover my back anytime. All the best in the future. And while were at it; Merry Christmas and God Bless!

          • This is the problem. Cretins and bullies get into power and stay there.

            We need an asteroid.


      • Exile1981

        A couple years ago a school principal called my cell and asked me to come by the school to discuss an issue. I told her I was away for work and where I was. Being an idiot she said ‘So you’ll be here in an hour?’ to which I said sure… being 8 hours drive away. I was in a crew vehicle on speaker phone.

        About an hour and a half later I was called by the RCMP. She called them and said I threatened the school and would be there in an hour. Luckily I had witnesses

    • Reader

      And I can bet, one way or the other, they will continue make her life a living Hell at the university, to teach her never to oppose them again.

      • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

        She did an interview with Dave Rubin and said that is what’s happening.

      • Watchman

        I think she knows her career in academia is now dead. The feedback after she went public would have shown her that.

      • How far will they get however once they have been found out?

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    Scheer campaigned on pulling Federal funding from schools who shut down free speech but here he is refusing to answer a straight question “As Prime Minister would you pull Federal funding”? Like the CBC. his comments section is disabled.

  • Exile1981

    The fact I had witnesses to what was said is likely the only reason the RCMP didn’t ask me to turn myself in. Thankfully it only took 2 years but the principal is finally gone.