Lindsay Shepherd case commonplace; she was just the one who complained loudly

From Lorne Gunter at Toronto Sun:

The big problem with the now-infamous Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) assault on free expression is not how heinous it is, but how commonplace.

I’m not going to claim universities were freer in my student days.

It was easy back then to find instructors – and even chairmen and deans – who were apologists for the killing fields of Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot. And it was tough to get high marks without “agreeing” in class or on assignments.

But there was nowhere near the level of official antagonism for true free speech that there is on today’s campuses.

For instance, in October, Students for Life (SFL) at the University of Ottawa had its certification as a student club revoked “due to the ways in which your mandate is in contention with the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa’s (SFUO) principles of anti-misogyny, sexism, etc.” Without certification, SFL cannot use university facilities for meetings or access funds paid by students’ union dues. More.

Reality check: The real problem is that our neighbours are sleepwalking toward the free thought clampdown throughout society once the U thugs graduate and need government jobs.

If no opposition arises, Canada will soon be swedens all the way down.

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  • Brett McS

    She complained loudly …. and recorded the conversation interrogation.

    Good interview on the latest Crowder (#267) with both Lindsay and Jordan Peterson. Jordan was particularly interested to hear her explain why she recorded the interrogation.

  • Swedens? You mean “North Koreas all the way down”. If these people ever consolidate power (and they have come very close) I predict it will be worse than North Korea. Communists usually don’t show their true faces and the ugly persecution until after they have consolidated power. These people are showing it before. Many innocent people will go to jail and many innocent people will be tortured and killed, in fact they will probably take advice from places like North Korea, China, and Cuba. Plus the Islamists will be more than happy to fill the role of “enforcers”.