Democratic fundraiser Matthew Lieberman charged with racially motivated gun crime in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS • Veteran Democratic fundraiser Matthew Lieberman has been charged with multiple felony gun crimes after allegedly firing a handgun and shouting racial slurs at eyewitnesses at two businesses Tuesday.

Lieberman pointed a handgun at someone at the Amoco gas station on Skinker Boulevard and Highway 40 (Interstate 64) while using racial epithets just after 11 p.m. Tuesday, according to court documents. He then allegedly fired multiple shots at the building from his car.


  • Hard Little Machine

    Back in the day the most insanely violent leftists in Johannesburg were the whites attached to then ANC

  • Devieg72

    Well, the story really doesn’t mean much unless there is an indication of what racial epithets he was yelling. Was he yelling “N-gger?”, “Honkie?”, “Greaser?”, “Slant?” Democrats shooting off is no news. It’s just most of the time they don’t shoot guns. They shoot the SJW gun.